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My favorites are cute things and video games!! Praying for a cuter future.

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    man i used to be a real piece of shit on here

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    Man remember when we had Favorites AND Tracking?

    I hear that some people are still mad about that.

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    good riddents knighty

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Man remember when we had Favorites AND Tracking? · 11:30am Oct 3rd, 2014

I hear that some people are still mad about that.

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Thanks, PresentPerfect.

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Always, Poultron. Always.

2D #4 · Oct 3rd, 2014 · · 1 ·

My favorites are cute things and video games.

It's a shame your avatar isn't cute, then.

Also tracking? Wazzat?

Don't talk shit when you don't know what you're talking about m8

2D #6 · Oct 3rd, 2014 · · ·


gr8 b8 m8


Man, I remember when the "Recommended Stories" bar was still a thing, a time when everything was green and curved.

Where have the times gone, Poultron?

I'm still kind of confused how the old Favorites functionality - that is, indicating stories you simply really, really, like - has been moved to user pages, and the old Tracking functionality has sort of taken over the Favorites list.

I just really, really, really hope that Knighty doesn't remove the on-update emails like that last news post implies might happen.

Because almost all of our users both Favorited and Tracked stories; there was almost nobody who used them separately, and when they did it was sparingly.

The next big update should alleviate some concerns anyway....

Personally, I'd still prefer if they were seperate. There's plenty of stories I would have only tracked to see how they went instead of faving right away just to keep up with them.

You're in the vast minority unfortunately. They were really just different labels for the same thing anyway, and it more closely matches just about every other website with favorites.

And like I said, the upcoming major update will probably make you very happy...

Who remembers when we could see number of words read?

Things have started slipping through the cracks lately
This is one of them


Pepperidge Farm remembers

I admit to being one of those people whose Favorites list was a subset of their Tracking list, but that's because I used Tracking to denote "story I liked; would read again". My old Favorites list, on the other hand, was for the stories that I loved and easily were at the top of my list of recommended fics.

Given the vague hints, it sounds like the upcoming major update is one to look forward to!


Can we still get emails about when stories update? Or do you not do that anymore, because that was very helpful.

2566275 I now find myself wondering that. I suddenly seem to have stopped getting emails, as I came back to this site to find 6 unread chapters I hadn't known about. Anyone know how to ensure we get email updates about stories we like?

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