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Showing you the darker, more realistic side of MLP in my writing. Smoking, swearing and being a bastard, but that's nothing new with me. Got a cigarette?

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Attention All Creatures! · 9:18pm May 14th, 2015


*Gets a chair and rotten food thrown at me quickly*

"Where in the hay have you been?!" Spike screams with flames licking out the edge of his maw.

"I don't know, I simply vanished ok, but in all honestly I'm back and have some very important announcements regarding my stories from here on out so if you will, listen up.

First off: Smoking cigarettes, cigars and Hay Weed will be cut down dramatically, I never noticed before how serious I took it. It will depend on the rating on the story and the creature who does such of course but it won't be in it as much as it was in the past, I'm aware not many readers enjoyed it.

"But smoking is what makes you...well, you!" Spike cried out in anger as I rolled my eyes.

"True but I'm going to tone it down which brings me to my next point."

Swearing will also be toned down, again depending on rating and who does it, I know, I know you have no idea how much such pains me but it's time to be an adult about my stories from now on.

Next up is that Celestia, Luna, Cadance, Chrysalis and Twilight will on certain stories be known as demi-gods instead of gods like I always preached about in my earlier stories, what you believe of them though is up to you, no judgement here however Discord will still remain known as a god, for me at least I mean honestly from all we seen it's really hard to not see him as such, but I digress.

Naturally some things will remain the same as always, Celestia being Spike's adopted mother, Spilight and other pairings I enjoy, since I'm a big fan of romance, I am also deciding to tone down on the Rarity bashing, it will never completely disappear, EVER! But I think those who enjoy my stories and are fans of the mare will be happy, I hope....most likely not, anyway....

I also am going to be making more happy stories, my true style of writing will never vanish, I'm not that kind of person but nothing wrong with warm, fuzzy stories once in a while, and I have an idea for such a story if anyone is willing to be an editor for me please.

I been gone for a very long time so I'm wondering what's been going on with this site, I been on here for three years, that's forever in terms of a website, I think and I still remember when Epic Donut or whatever his name was was banned and it called a huge stir, also MahallaJong. So what happened to Twilightclopple? Anything else I been missing or have not heard?

Also I'm cancelling Not My Sins, I know it was not very popular but GODS did I work my ass off on that story but I want to try new ideas, I'll finish Hollow Victory and Sins of the Heart in time and trust me they will be complete but for now I'm going to read stories and catch up on everything, glad I'm back and watching the new episodes everyone.

Quick question, whatever happen to the legends on this site? I know that the old must make way for the new but it just seems like all the famous authors or even those I used to be friends with are leaving...did something happen?

As always you know me, speak your mind, be yourself and give me your honest thoughts fellow fans, peace! Also....ALL HAIL DERPY HOOVES!

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You're back and that's good enough for me, but now I'll treasure every Rarity bashing very closely. :pinkiecrazy:

3069615 Scary right? I think I know why my stories have not been getting tons of likes and such like I had hope and that may be because they are not in character and doing things that they may never really do you know? My dark writing style will never vanish but it won't be as often, you know?

3069690 My brother, you'll be happy when it happens, good to see you both, how you you been?

3069730 I get ya and yeah..... I do kinda like that you're toning down a bit on the Rarity bashing a bit.

3069745 Need any help man?

3069749 I was way to harsh on a fictional pony, I mean I still don't like her but no reason to hate her you know?

3069785 Not in any field I can think of.

3069785 True that.... but I can't see how anyone would like Starlight Glimmer. You think you hated Rarity? Oh no.... you'll LOVE her compared to STARLIGHT FUCKING GLIMMER.

3069786 :rainbowlaugh: True, true. I like how they used a mortal pony this time instead of a cursed demi-god, god, evil king, queen or magic centaur.

3069786 Alright well I got your back if you need me bro.

3069833 Alright.

3069790 You mean totally not pony Gendo Ikari?

3069842 Join Our Fucking Town Twilight.

Good to know your back to writing. I can edit but it just wont be as then and there as before what with school being close to over, but if you want i can edit, just like old times boss. Best of wishes!

3069854 Thank you my friend, you have always been a loyal friend, you need anything from me you know I got you, I do in fact need help with a few new ideas if you like to give them a look over and give your honest thoughts.

3069864 While one opinion on things may not reflect many, i will try my hardest to help you.

3069870 Damn that's a very great point, you're very wise my friend...hmm...maybe post it on a group then? What do you suggest?

3069875 I have my moments, but to the question at hand, id say post it one a group that it has the most in common with, or ask a few others you know and we can build it up from there. If not we could just tackle it head on if no one else is there to help us.

3069885 We are pretty old members, we should have a few connections, I like those ideas though my friend.

3069898 Thank you for the compliment, although you will probably have more connections then me (if i can get anyone on board) because you are a writer. I've had a few ideas for stories but I've never really tried to go on them. maybe in the summer, but i digress i could try and see if anyone is willing to help, but the best thing i could do is help with either a group post or just helping with the editing and, hopefully, the ideas.

Ayy, I remember you! Lets see... oh, his name is Epicdonus1123 I think. But uh, I think user Darf revealed that that account was an alt account, and that his main one was a moderator, NTSTS. So darf is no longer active. Rapetrain-Express is inactive, as he just straight up ragequit. I think there was a bit of drama over it recently though. Like, on his user page in the comments, someone explained what happened. Dunno how actually recent it was.
I recently found a few HiE fics that didn't completely suck, and they all are buddies so they make references to each other's stories. If you want the titles and links lemme know. The authors are really good. :v

Yea I think that's it. :pinkiesmile:

Look who it is. How are things fren?

Well I'll be damned. You're still alive.

Ha! Welcome back.

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