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Evidently I'm cool enough to have people STEAL my work, dood. · 7:00pm Mar 7th, 2015

Thanks to Akaihane for letting me know, dood.

A guy named Hour of Twilight (the url link thingie isn't working for me for some reason, dood.) Basically posted a shit ton of stories that he didn't write or give credit to those that DID write it, dood.

Broken Link

While I did my own rebuttle as in PMing him, making a review to tell him that he should ATLEAST give me credit as I am a little flattered that he stole my work and posted the first 16 chapters of Misadventures onto Fanfiction.net with a mini-chapter of me asking readers to look on FIMfiction for the rest because I'm too lazy to copy-paste all 49+ chapters, dood. Plus I don't know how to rearrange chapters on that site so it'll get messy later on, dood.

If akaihane didn't chat to the other guys about it, I do hope some of them notice this blog post and confront Hour of Twilight... mostly because I don't know how to report on that site, dood.

EDIT: The issue was resolved and the guy deleted all his plagiarized stories, dood. Also I have an account on Fanficiton.net that has a third of Misadventures as well as my Borderlands Futa fic with Gaige and Maya having sex with dicks and a Blazblue fic where Noel stumbles her way into the pants of other blazblue characters, dood.

Comments ( 30 )

Wow, that is terrible to have happen to your story.

2857390 I found out how to report people and reported him, dood. While it is kinda flattering, it's still stealing, dood.

Cracks me up a bit that he kept your scene breaks intact for some reason. He might as well have left your author's notes on too doing it that way. The ~ Dood ~ marks are kinda a give away.

I know for a fact that it's not just your stories he has overcoming rainbow on there and I know it is on here

All of those stories Ive seen on here. To report plagiarism, go here. I'm reporting them.

2857401 Oh that guy, dood.

2857454 Yeah... I'm still trying to forget that story, dood. With a title called 'Overwhelming Rainbow' I figure it would be Twilight topping Rainbow not everyone futa fucks Twilight... gosh darn it, dood.

2857474 I... have no idea how to use that but I did report the guy, dood. Hopefully something happens, dood.

I'm checking all of the stories. Found two more besides yours. and I've only checked three.

2857506 Just by looking at the titles, I'm pretty sure nearly all of them are taken from FimFiciton, dood.

2857512 I agree with you. Notifying all the authors if I find them. CW

God damn, finally someone who agrees with me. The fact that fic was called that, only for a short 1k thingie that happens near the end irked me so much.

Wow, that's kinda sad. That guys page is full of stories he damn sure didn't write O_o is there a report button on that site?

2857598 There is but it's kinda hidden, dood.

so, im informing the other authors (that I know of whose stories are there) of this.

2857712 A lot of people seem to be doing this, dood.

2857721 well, maybe i'll inform the ones that people may not have got *shrug* better safe than sorry

2857723 True enough, you do what you do, dood. I'm gonna try and finish Double Trouble.

It could be worse. I once found a story on that site that wasn't even fan fiction originally. It was a pulled straight from an adult literature site and only one thing was altered. It was turned into a Naruto story by changing all the character names. And this was a real life type thing with graphics designers and computers and all that.

2857602 I think he changed his name, Fusion.

His name changed and all the fics vanished from his page. A part of me feels like he made a new account and just moved the stories

[Hey Fusion Fool the 3rd! listen to 2858457 .]
[I hope this is you!]

Did you then post it yourself? 'Cause my inbox got a-lot of attention recently.

2857840 That shit works though, dood. Haven't you read Fifty Shades of Grey?

2858428 Yes he did, dood. He PMed me a little while ago saying that he's been offline for weeks and he's sorry. All his 'stories' are gone as well, dood.

2858457 That is in fact me, dood. I probably won't update the Misadventures on THAT site until I finish it on this site though, dood. Feel free to read lame Borderlands porn and Blazblue porn?

2858594 Wow, that's... really weird and funky, dood.

2858793 I did end up posting the first 16 chapters of Misadventures on Fanfiction.net, dood. But probably won't update it for a long time.

Huh? I was wondering when you will finally get a account for it and post your stories on Fanfiction.net, even if it's less than half of it. Finally a good story for that archive, I mean is too much to ask for one twilight pairing that doesn't involve her with a male oc character. Also that guy is a douche for stealing your stories not even bothering to ask permission, I wouldn't even spit in his direction for such blasphemy, hang him i say.

2858991 I know right, dood? Fuck OC pairings... as well as Spilight, TwiArmor, and Flashlight, dood.

Amen to that!

2858904 Nope. I avoided anything having to do with fifty shades like the plague

Glad to see it's handled. Might wanna change the link now though since the image the author has is kinda NSFW now.

On an unrelated note, I just read your profile bio on FFnet.

Wow, it's so weird not seeing 'dood' interjected into every other sentence.

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