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    No easy way to say this but to just say it. I was OUT last week, like out-out. I was bedridden for 6 days unable to do anything more than sleep and wish I was asleep. Losing that time set me back on writing the last chapter of TiM. And while I was hoping to make it up, it would be nothing more than a rush job to try and have it out by Friday. So I'm letting you know now that the final chapter

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    It’s been three years since I last wrote for TiM. As such, some of you—myself included—might be a little rusty on the story. Therefore I’ve decided to do a quick recap of each story to date. Note: this is not a replacement for having read the series, if you haven’t read the stories and think this is enough information to jump into this story you’re sadly mistaken. This is meant for those who have

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    FYI, Ch 5 will be delayed no more than 24 hours.

    We need more time to proofread/edit.

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    Looking for editors

    Looking for two editors for the long-long-long overdue sequel to Bad Girl Twilight. Must be able to meet three requirements.

    1. Must have read Bad Girl Twilight and liked it (why would you want to edit the sequel if you didn't read/like the original?)

    2. Must be able to complete edits in a week.

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Twilight is Magic read order · 11:01pm Feb 5th, 2015

Thanks to ModMCdl for the picture!

Rather than post a read order list before each story, I'm going to just have this one blog post that details the read order and post a link to it at the start of each new story I write. This should reduce the size of the summaries on each of my stories and provide a one-stop detailed list of when to read what.

Story 1. TiM: The Truth in Meanings

Story 2. TiM: A life Lived for Others

Story 2.5. TiM: A Lesson Learned

Story 3. TiM: Best of Intentions, Worst of Results

Story 4. TiM: Firestar's Report

Story 5. TiM: A Tyrant's Words

Story 6. TiM: Price of Victory

Story 7. TiM: Shower Fun (Note: This occurs between chapters 8 and 9 of Price of Victory)

Story 8. TiM: Later that Night

Story 8.5. TiM: The Light of my Life

Story 9. TiM: What Defines Us

Story 10. TiM: Preening is a family affair (Optional but fun)

Story 11. TiM: Cost of Defeat

Story 12. TiM: Love Under the Shadows

Story 13. TiM: A Shining Light

Story 14. TiM: A Heartwarming Heartbeat

TiM: Recap

Story 15. TiM: Gone, not Forgotten

Report Twidashforever · 11,583 views · Story: TiM: The Truth in Meanings ·
Comments ( 6 )

I started reading TIM like 3 weeks ago, It was amazing from the very beggining, i cried, laughed, felt almost every emotion imaginable, while reading this. In 3 weeks I've read 14 stories, and due to my short memory i made genealogical tree (http://derpy.me/SVZKb) and while doing this i realized how weird is this family :D

If I sent you here, you're in for a treat. Just started rereading it myself.

I did manage to forget the freakishly amazing number of typos present in it in the 18 months or so since I first read it, but that just tells me that in spite of the mechanical errors the story itself is amazing to have left the impression it did. So there! :pinkiecrazy:

I come here at least once a year to reread this. it's too amazing. Currently reading it for the fifth/sixth time.

Oh fun I can comment here. I am fuming over the ratings bombing that has kept this art out of the hands of so many. :flutterrage: This shouldn't have taken me so long to find.

I wonder if twidashforever would still be here if that hadn't happened. If their series received the recognition it deserved. It's almost more tragic than the series itself that we'll never know, almost.

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