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cant wait to lose some watchers · 1:47pm Jun 13th, 2012

So there are no allusions as to what this blog post discusses - the following video is, in a few words, not very good:


This kind of shit makes me super fucking upset. The video isn't fantastic, though it shows at least a modicum of effort, more than you can say for most brony endeavors. Of course, it falls flat in almost every respect. The animation is jerky, adds almost nothing to the "song," and appears to only be a series of in-jokes and references to the fandom, although I guess that's to be expected of a video like this. It isn't funny at all though.

Of course that isn't even to mention the absolutely dreadful song, which sounds like a remix of every other Living Tombstone song, which are already shit. The lyrics leave a lot to be desired; they don't tell a story. I can't even tell if the singing is good or not, because whoever mixed the song is apparently deaf from birth, and had to just guess at the proper levels by looking at the waveform. What little you can hear from Tombstone is impossible to understand through his thick accent, though I think he can probably sing well enough? The vocal actress playing Trixie seems to fluctuate between a pretty good performance and not giving a goddamn shit at all.

So why does this make me mad? Look how many likes this goddamn shit has. Check the original song too, if you like. People ADORE this shit. It's (relative) trash. Almost every brony artist is either trash or mediocre at best. The ones that aren't (Griffinilla, SoGreatandPowerful, PinkiePieSwear) seem to either be generally glossed over or forgotten. This is probably because they don't form a cult of personality around themselves. No OC, no "big name" to attach themselves to, no circlejerking with other shitty brony artists. 99% of the "music" in this fandom is aggressively bland tripe that wouldn't play at the cheapest nightclubs, yet people think it deserves a spot in the music hall of fame next to Led Zeppelin. "Artists" like JackleApp, TheLivingTombstone, WoodenToaster, all vastly overrated despite not even being worthy of a mention if they weren't brony artists.

If you want to listen to some actual music from someone with genuine talent, try listening to this, or something from any of the artists I listed above.


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You know who sucks the most?

MictheMicrophone. And yes, there's a Personal Reason Why I think he sucks. No, to those reading, it's not because he's gay, or his "Music" if you can call it that.

for once we can agree on something

>Almost every brony artist is either trash or mediocre at best

The fuck are you saying? I agree they shouldn't be put next to Led Zeppelin, but you are being way, way too harsh.

Then again, you are Poultron.

You need to listen to some of the orchestral stuff this community makes.

Everyone likes their own thing, that's how i would put it.

172373 Mic's style is annoying, but I don't know that he sucks.

Yeah, I have to agree that Pikie Pie Swear is good though. I'll congratulate him on "celery stalks" if I get a chance to meet him at Everfree Northwest.

172375 oh mai. We agreed on something? Blasphemy! Nah, I know there's probably more we could agree on, but I dont feel like really naming things off.

I'm gonna just haunt this here thread, and watch the hate just fill up because of your opinion. I guarantee this is gonna happen. Or Not. We'll see, wont we?

That DOES bring up a question, Why is it that when someone has an opinion on something, people automatically think it's an attack on their standard way of living?

Oh well, It's not like it'll do much to argue that People can be even dumber than I am, and that's saying something.

172382 He sucks for a totally different reason, although, he doesnt make music, he just...raps to it...if you can call it that.


On my personal opinion, Both sides are good IF they have something worthy of listening to. I'd have to say "Celery Stalks" is a nice tune, even if it's just random pieces of vocal from Applejack and just makes it sound like she's singing.

It all depends on the tune, really. I can listen to just about anything Pony, and if I enjoy it, I'll fav it to my compooper, and listen to it every once in a while.

Here's something that I like to listen to. Sure, it's no Mozart, but I like it.

But MIC, though. No. He's an ass in reality. I have him on Skype, and quite alot of things went down, and all because I needed someone to talk to to keep my mind off of a girlfriend I lost to a drunken idiot in a car.

How am I being harsh? I've provided at least 3 examples of good artists, plus an example song from one of said artists, and quite a few examples of bad ones. Please back up your claims before you discredit mine, thanks!

172384 You claimed almost every brony artist is either trash or mediocre at best. It doesn't matter how many examples of "good" artists you gave, you still made that claim. There are a bunch of brony artists that appeal to many people because they're relatively good at what they do, but if you're used to listening to god-tier music like Led Zeppelin, I can see why you don't like most brony music. What I don't see is why they piss you off.

By the way, the reason PinkiePieSwear and SoGreatandPowerful are relatively forgotten is because they are inactive. PPS hasn't released a track on Youtube in 5 months and SGaP unlisted everything. Not sure about Griffinilla, though.

Site Owner






Music is extremely subjective and alot of clubs play stuff like LMFAO, how is that any better? However I agree about the quality of the video.

So you essentially admit that brony artists are mediocre? I am used to listening to excellent music, and there is very little excellent music in the fandom. That doesn't mean these people should stop making music - not everybody can start out being an amazing, and people should constantly strive to improve. My point is that people enable these artists to never improve by lavishing endless praise on every track they release - even the explicitly bad ones like the one exhibited in the post.

I tip my hat to you, Poultron, for putting my thoughts into blog form. *clap*

Why on earth would you list any dubstep song on a blog about good music?

172397 Lovin' it. Saving all these.

Danke, Knighty. :twilightsmile:

It ain't just music. Pretty much every single aspect of this fandom is overrun by people liking objectively bad shit. I barely listen to pony-music anymore, so awful is it in general. Dealing with fanfiction as I do, I can only say that people like shitty things.

I do love PinkiePieSwear's stuff. I'll have to give the others a listen some time when I'm not at work. I hesitate to throw this out there, but I quite liked ISMBOFepically's Gimme RD and Mondo+Accoustic's Loyalty, but I am a huge sucker for drums and guitar. Also Rainbow Dash.

I've learned to just ignore Poultron's insults, he does them way to often.
He certainly has a lot of hate in him.

Yet here you are reading this blog

To each their own.
I don't really listen to brony music because I find it all the same.

Poultron, being a brony has aught me something. I am going to like what I like, and not give a damn what other people think about it. Now I'm going off and having my opinion, and your going to go off and have yours.

You linked an "Alphabet Soup" remix song as an example of a "Good" song. That isn't exactly making your case here.

PinkiePieSwear seems to have 50% good songs, and 50% "Alphabet Soup". Granted, even the "Alphabet Soup" songs are better than most, but they still give me a headache.

Griffinilla apparently only has three songs, two of which are remix, and the last one is (faux) chip tune electronica. ...actually, not bad. :pinkiehappy:

So one good, one hit-or-miss, and I want to break SoGreatAndPowerful's audio card. Any other artists you want to promote? Please? I am seriously questioning your taste in music, but I suspect it's due to having too small a sample to work from.

Griffinilla also does the music for FiW, incidentally. All of PinkiePieSwear's music is great, his Pogo-style stuff being the best.

I assume you are asking me to promote artists within the fandom. The only other one off the top of my head that isn't crap is makkon, but the number of good brony artists is just appallingly low.

Of course, if you want me to promote some other bands outside the fandom, I have some of that

Now THAT is a nice spread. Have anything in Country or Symphonic Rock? Death Metal in which one can actually understand the lyrics? :trollestia:

Eh, why not. :trixieshiftright:

(Edit) Which reminds me. I've been putting off watching FiW for a while now. Some of the items on my "To Do" list have already passed the "Moldy Compost" faze and can now be safely referred to as "Soil".

172426 agreed. Loyalt is one of teh best songs ever, it has so much win:rainbowkiss:yeah im a sucker for Dashie too:rainbowwild:

>nice spread
and yet you call my musical taste into question... i almost dont feel like wasting my time with this post anymore, but ill entertain it a little longer


Here's an excellent song recommended to me by Griffinilla, by a relatively unknown band Tally Hall. Comes with a bonus nice music video.


Video game music, but whatever - the Bastion soundtrack is simply incredible, and listenable on its own merits.


Ken Ashcorp is pretty brilliant. He's actually done a pony song, but it's actually one of his more mediocre (relative to his other work, that is).


One of the catchiest songs I've ever heard. I can't get enough of it.

Other artists I enjoy lots are Anamanaguchi, SoulEye, PaleDeth, Robot Science, Reel Big Fish Pendulum, Cake, Johnathon Coulton, They Might Be Giants, and a shitload of video game music. I tried to list an even spread of genre, and this is by no means a comprehensive list of the music I enjoy. I tried to pick slightly recognizable yet also sufficiently obscure music for the videos

Bonus videos:

Spanish Ska

I like this one.

Site Owner

Hey guys, I'm Poultron.

You better not like some music I don't like! I'm gonna get so fucking mad!

uh you shit talk brony artists all the time so ?????

I'm just gonna sit back and let you bask in your opinion, because arguing with someone over music tastes is pointless.

However, I will input my own opinion. . .and that is this:

For all your rage at these artists remember: they at least put in the effort. Coming from someone who actually wants to make videos for these songs one day, I can say that takes a lot of work,and it is almost a fact that no one gets this stuff right on the first try. Same with the music, electronic music is not an easy task like everyone seems to believe, trust me, I've tried.

That being said, you're entitled to your opinion, even if I don't agree with it.

I am specifically not "raging," and especially not at artists. I am upset with the fandom that has propped them up despite their obvious flaws, stunting heavily their growth as artists. Creating art is non-trivial, but so is proper criticism.


I know you're not raging, but here's the thing you have to remember: this fandom doesn't really have that many people who have the talent or know how to pull this stuff off. That's why people put even a novice PMV that some rookie pulls out on youtube on a pedestal. It's the same with fanfictions, music, Pony Comics, things that may not be good by the standards of the entire world look great to the fandom because someone is actually showing the effort to make the stuff, whereas some just don't have the ability to do it.

For example, I know that not all of the brony musicians are top 10 material by music standards, but at least they have enough know-how to make their music. I love listening to their songs because I've seen how hard they are to make, and love the fact that they have taken the time to make them.

What do you think should be classified as a brony song? I mean I have see alot of music that has no real connection to the mlp franchise. It just feels as some people make music and then put an mlp oriented name on it. Is it just me who feels that way?: :rainbowhuh:

So you blast at people for liking "objectively bad shit" and yet you're a sucker for the least likable character in the show? Okay then.
And I'm gonna have to agree on this, considering that at the very least we can agree that brony music is better than what's on Top 40's radio (for the most part).


agreed, especially with Jackle, the Aviators, PinkiePieSwear, and TheLivingTombstone.

They're all great at what they do for the current amount of time they've been working as musicians, mind you Jackle seems to be lagging just a bit considering he's not where he should be for the years he's spent practicing, and all of them could be better, but that's just how it is.

It's the same way with fanfictions, (I'm gonna get some hate for this.) I'm sorry, but in all seriousness, a lot of the more famous fanfictions aren't the most amazing stories in the world, they have their flaws as well compared to all those original stories as well, but once again, that's just the way it is.

The day you cannot better yourself is the day you're 6 feet under.

Have some select copypasta from TvTropes that should explain why there is so much disagreement over what is (and isn't) considered good:

Sturgeon's Law
90% of everything is crud.
Critic's Corollary: 90% of people lack the taste necessary to distinguish between crud and non-crud.
Critic's Second Corollary: 90% of people will criticize 90% of what they see regardless of their ability to distinguish crud from non-crud.
TV Tropes Corollary: The difficulty of getting a group of people to agree on which 10% is not crud exponentially approaches infinity as the size of the group increases. (Or, "Crud is in the eye of the beholder... so to speak.")
TV Tropes Second Corollary: The other 90% of crud is further divided into "Subjective Crud," "Crud You Like Anyway", and "Total Crud." The exact proportions of this division have never been researched, and most likely varies by the individual for reasons mentioned above.

So, how about we simply chalk this up to people having different tastes and such, and agree to disagree? :twilightsmile:

What can I say, I'm an optimist. :twilightsheepish:

I enjoy reading people's opinions, but that doesn't mean I'm here to agree with them.

Wow. It's amazing how wrong you are.


You either spend a lot of time miserable and angry, or you actually don't care at all, and you get your kicks from seeing the ragefest your opinions create. Hopefully the latter. Cheer up, Poultron! :pinkiehappy:

>the absolutely dreadful song
Glad to know other people dislike that too

>JackleApp, TheLivingTombstone, WoodenToaster, all vastly overrated despite not even being worthy of a mention if they weren't brony artists
a.deviantart.net/avatars/m/i/mingplz.png The stuff they make is way better than most of the mainstream crap I hear dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Vinyl_Scratch_lolface.png

>try listening to this
I dislike PinkiePieSwear dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/sillyfilly_Pinkie_Pie.png

Hey, you know who's awesome?
Archie (V):




Alex S:



So, Poultron. It has come to this.

>Trashing overrated pony stuff, recognizing ridiculous cults of personality

>Linking one of the only pony artists I like, plus non-pony music that I've always liked

>Spiting the unstoppable-pointless-hugbox nature of this fandom

Yeah, I have to watch you, now. I'm sorry.

In the meantime, have something wonderful:

Is that your only rebuttal? Fuck off, then.

:ajbemused: I can agree that the video and that particular song aren't really what I'd call 'great,' and PinkiePieSwear is in fact one of my favorite brony musicians, but saying every brony artist is trash is taking things too far. And getting outright angry that that was made? If you don't mind my not-so-subtle opinion, I think someone needs to lighten up.

172402 :rainbowhuh:

172879 Exactly.

Both of the songs you linked to are good, in my opinion.

Of course, your opinion is you opinion. I can't really complain, can I?
Just listening now, but the second song you linked to is really good.

Also, while listening to the LivTomb remix of Beyond Her Garden with Mic rapping, I found out one thing.

If you're not a native speaker (like I'm not), you won't understand pretty much a word.
That's the thing with fast singing. Be it any language, only native speakers can understand.

Of course, I do understand some words, but in the bigger picture, pretty much nothing.

So,because it's not your proverbial cup of tea, suddenly means it's awful? Grow up. If you listened to even half of the mainstream "music" of today, you'd know that most brony music artists really aren't so bad. Even the ones I don't personally care for, I can still see the time and effort they put into it, which is much more than I can say for individuals like Rebecca Black, Justin Beiber, The Jonas Brothers, One Direction, Katy Perry, P-diddy, Snoop dog/lion, Gunther, Kesha, Kreayshawn, Chris Brown, ect. :ajbemused:

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