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Oh, hey! Neat! · 12:35pm Jun 5th, 2014

I don't usually like to celebrate silly milestones. But what the hell. In this case, I shall!

I just noticed I stumbled my way across the 200 followers mark this morning (minus any who see this blog and leave to make me look sufficiently silly), thanks to this mysterious person here. 200 is not the hugest number in the realm of FiMFiction cultdom, but all you cute little folks are all my own, and I wuv you so.

It clearly calls for the only sort of party worth having:

So many thanks to all the various fans of my long hiatuses stories about ponies being shipped not quite right. And to all those that follow me just for the warm, warming warmth of my friendship's glow. :heart:

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Comments ( 21 )

You will always be an adorable headphone-wearing Fluttershy in my heart.

Having an adorable avatar is apparently sufficient grounds for a crush from me. I'm such a slut. :raritydespair:

congrats, lumie.

2177243 You are not. And you will forever be a flaming pixie in mine. :heart:

Dammit, Lumie. I was one away from beating you to it. :flutterrage:
Oh well, have a plate of cookies anyway :twilightsmile:


All part of the plan. :trollestia:

I'm sure you'll overtake me!

You're a far more prolific writer, and more adorable besides!

...I should be in that bed.

The quantum hug.

Congratulations on your milestone! :raritywink:

Very cool! Congratulations! :twilightsmile:

The power of friendship compells me to hug you! *huggies* c: :heart:

does the party include sex

Oh my god. That avatar might be the best thing ever. :fluttershysad:

Don't all the best parties?

I would say you could be hiding in Celestia's tail... but... she doesn't actually appear to have one.

Which is still an improvement over the white OC who has no lower body. And the other one with no body at all.

Then again, the strange extra-dimensional nature of this screwy bed means I guess you could be there after all. And just be hiding along with the assorted parts and pieces.

Hey, you're alive. :twilightsmile:

Glad to still see you around, Wade!

Congrats, you brilliant author-person-thing!

Yes... hopefully one day we'll see more Crucible and Unbound Skies, you certainly deserve the followers with writing of that quality.

I'm confused. Exactly what is going on in that picture? :rainbowlaugh:

Well, right now you've actually hit 300, so this needs updating!! :pinkiegasp:

Shhhhh. People might not notice.

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