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My Little Villains: Q&A · 9:22pm May 1st, 2014

Hello there, foals and fillies, stallions and mares, alicorns and draconequus...es.

So, here's Q&A for My Little Villains! Hooray!

Here, you can ask any question regarding this piece of writing - be it about the plot, the characters and so on. You also can ask a certain character a question, if you so desire. However, there is one rule:

If the question requires spoilers to be dropped, that question will be left unanswered, for obvious reasons.

So, if you have any questions, ask away!

Report HiddenUnderACouch · 492 views · Story: My Little Villains ·
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Comments ( 25 )

How old is each character mentally?:duck:

Hello, this is your friendly neighbourhood Alicorn speaking :pinkiehappy: I read, I D'awwwww d, I instantly favourited :twilightsmile::heart:

2067846 Nightmare Moon - varies from 8 to 11 years old.
Chrysalis - varies from 14 to 17, minus all of the expierence, but doubled the cockiness and disrespect for adults.
Sombra - from 4 to 9 years old.

2067850 Thanks, friendly neighbour alicorn! :pinkiehappy: Any questions you have?

Where's this guy?

2067872 Ehem, the story related questions, please.

Fine... :pinkiehappy: Why does Somra love manes so much?

How do Changelings work in your head canon?
Did any of them survive the wedding?
Does Chrysalis know were they are before the baby-fication?
Are they looking for her now?
If she is their birth mother(like in many head canons) How would she react to that knowlage as a foal?
Answer as many as you can without spoilers.:pinkiehappy:

2067883 That is to be revealed in the future updates, so it's technically a spoiler, sorry.

Meh... considering doing what Discord did to my computer to yours... Nah, love the story too much. Does Celestia/Luna know about this?

2067866 why is Sombra so adorable? :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile: I wanna meet baby sombra and snuggle him :raritystarry::scootangel:

2067886 The Changelings have a strict hierarchy in the hive, with the queen being at the top, and drones being at the bottom. The changelings care and protect the queen, because only she can give them the ability to breed, which requires love. Love is needed for the queen in plentiful amounts, because she also consumes it as food, in addition to normal food. However, the queen can be replaced, if she fails to satisfy the needs of the whole hive. They can pick another queen, from one of the higher ranking changelings.

They have, some of them have survived the wedding.

Filly Chrysalis has no idea she even has a hive of her own.

Currently, no, they are not. After her failure at the wedding, they'll probably pick another one.

Well, in MLV, Chrysalis isn't their birth mother, so there's no reaction to be expected from her.

2067940 Because he sold his soul to the snuggle devil. *insert baby evil laugh here*

Can Princess Luna or Princess Celestia sense Filly Moonie? and if so are they allowing her the chance to be redeemed like Discord?
...Also Moonie is adorable and I want to cuddle her and hide her from the mean old sun.:heart:


Neither Celestia nor Luna know about the existence of the foals, and no, they cannot sense them either.

How long is the love triangle going to take? :fluttershysad: I want my kaiwaii Sombralis.

2068335 Haven't you noticed? The triangle is forming already. :pinkiecrazy:

2068351 I know. But when will they realize?

To Sombra
Why so you like to chew manes, and are you willing to fondle another mare besides Fluttershy and Nightmare Moon

2070091 Why I chew manes? Mr. Hidden Under A Couch said I'm not allowed to tell that...

But I can answer your second question! YES! If there are more ponies who want to be my friends, I'm more than glad to snuggle with them! I think snuggling and fondling is the best way to express love and affection!


When you done with My Little Villains are you going make a sequel featuring some G1 villains like Tirek and Grogar? like this pic:

2130699 Most likely no. I haven't watched G1, and I don't like working with material I don't know anything about.

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