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Aesthetic's Birthday · 6:18pm May 17th, 2012

I’m going to let you all in on a very closely guarded secret: authors like feedback.

Now, at this point, you’re probably very close to closing your internet browser and putting your fist through your computer monitor, such is the magnitude of your disbelief. How could it possibly be that an author likes it when others discuss their work? It’s as though when we post a story in a public place for anonymous people to read, we want attention. As strange as it sounds: this is true, I assure you.

There are two kinds of feedback that I can use: positive and critical. Positive feedback being comments along the lines of “I like this”, likes, star ratings, and whatnot; and critical feedback being anything from “that ‘H’ needs to be capitalized” to “this scene reads like bullet-point-journalism.”

There are authors who will say that positive feedback is useless to their writing process. While it is true that no like or star-rating will help me improve my writing, that doesn’t mean they’re useless. For one, they feed the attention-hungry monster inside me. More importantly, they make me aware of just how many people I’ve got reading. There was once a time when TIG was four chapters long and had maybe two thousand reads between Google Docs and FimFiction.

Now, I know that for every hour I spend writing, a thousand hours will be spent reading. And that’s motivating. That makes me want to write the best possible TIG I can.

Ponies Make War debuted on Equestria Daily to a rating of 3.4 stars. I need only the smallest amount of mathematical acuity to know that this means that people care. And if I could have any reason to care, it’s that you guys do. Yes, positive feedback helps. Look at that sexy rating.

Critical feedback helps more. I wouldn’t write if I didn’t think I was getting better at it; I think this is something most authors will agree with. If there’s one skill above all else that an author should value, it’s the ability to listen to critical feedback. You think I would have ever seen Equestria Daily without Vimbert? No. More on that, though, next week when I do the collaborator blog.

Oh, and check out party hat Dash. As I’m 21 now, I can go get drunk and throw up on a stripper... in America! I think I’ll make waffles for dinner.

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Happy Birthday man. For your ego, TiG is the most epic thing I have read in quite a while.


I'd been wondering about the hat. I guess it's got, you know, one of those little elasticated strings so it doesn't come off when she flies. Maybe Pinkie baked her a cake. Not a coffee cake, obviously. Unless it's a decaffeinated coffee cake...

Also, Happy Birthday.

PS: Do you know what's a good way to spend your birthday? Writing.


Happy Birthday and may your schedule cool down enough that you can go on a bender and write some truly wacky things.

Attention Duelists! My hair wants to wish you a happy birthday. My hair also wants to tell you how much it enjoys your stories.

Welcome to the drinking club :P

And I want to apologize for not commenting on your work more. I have several friends who read this story alongside me (we wait for updates and chatter at each other while reading it, discussing what might be coming next, what new plotwists might mean, all the new questions that come up with new backstory (like your latest chapter)) and it's sad that you don't get to see any of that.

As I see you as a brilliant writer, I'm afraid I don't have much 'critical' feedback to give you, but I hope I make up for it with this bit of positive feedback:

Your idea, your story, your writing here, with TIG-- it is hands down the best novel I have ever read. Pony or not, published or otherwise. If this were published, I would easily start a book club around it and buy a case of copies. And this isn't the only praise I have for you.

From the beginning, I recognized your exceptional ability to write action scenes-- arguably the most difficult form of writing there is. Not only are your actions scenes skillfully written, they are prolific. And the fact you write so many of these extremely difficult types of scenes, and quickly... you have my full appreciation for the amount of skill and experience that takes.

I cannot wait to see what else you have planned for this story, and I have no doubt I will find myself dumbfounded up to the very last sentence.


Happy Birthday man, go forth and enjoy many an alcoholic beverege
And feel:pinkiesick:in the morning

Time to go comment on your work.

> I can go get drunk and throw up on a stripper

What did I just tell you not to do?

Man you could have gotten drunk two years ago here. Happy birthday.

I'll write a lengthy review for the final chapter of TiG. It will be long, I'm a poly-sci student you see...

Just to clarify, I've been legal drinking age where I live (Ontario) for two years now. I already threw up on a Canadian stripper. He was none too pleased.

My birthday was yesterday; your story was a gift.
How's that for feedback?

Happy birthday! :twilightsmile:

Positive feedback versus critical feedback is something I have been wondering about lately. Generally speaking if I enjoyed a chapter I tend to leave a fairly short comment along those lines with maybe a little speculation if I am really into the story. I only really leave truly critical feedback if I see something that I feel the need to, well, criticize. And since that tends to go over like a lead balloon I don't usually bother. :applejackunsure:


Sorry I've been a tad slow on getting to new chapters. I'll be caught up so I can actually review the new one, whenever it's ready.

*feels bad about being praised while not being able to review new chapters lately*


happy birthday AestheticB!

Hey my best friends birthday is today too! Crazy right? Also happy birthday man!

I wish you that you'll get extra drunk, enjoy your stripper, throw up from alcohol overdose, and enjoy it because IT'S FROM DRINKING 2 LITRES OF PURE POLISH VODKA, MOTHERBUCKER!
And as for criticism... we have some power over you. Therefore...



I will probably give you some face-melting, dick-blowing criticism later, likely tomorrow or in two days.

Attention Author! My Hair finds it hard to be critical of your work!

... But uhh, I'll leave some feedback from here on out after reading each chapter (sometimes I take forever getting around to it). Hopefully I can offer SOME form of critique. But do you know how hard it is to find an issue of criticism in a work you personally feel is untouchable? Damn it AB, you're killin' me here.

Very interesting. But ultimately of no consequence.

Mmmmm ..... waffles .....

Happy Birthday AB!! Drink responsibly and all that jazz.


To give you an idea of what I think of your work, It was possibly the third piece of fanfiction I ever read(the first was a one shot who's title I forget, and the second was the first chapter of "Of Harmony&Chaos").

This was back before it had the sexy cover picture of Nihilus and Wrong, when I think it was on "She's alive". There have been other fanfictions I've loved. Many I've loved. But none of them give me the same excitement as when I go to Equestria Daily and am once again mentally scarred by the demonic Twilight on the story update post. (I can't get over that cover. It takes everything I love and horribly twists it, and yet It's awesome)

You know what, as far as critical feedback, I wasn't paying attention to much to writing quality the first time around. And I don't know if I've ever re-read the series. Well here's a great excuse! I'll be back to you tomorrow with comprehensive criticism.

Oh, and I think you can also get hand guns and have a concealed carry license now too, so you can murder that vomited-on stripper and dump her body in a ditch now! Here's to wishing you good times on your birthday!

I'll readily admit that I am in the positive feedback club. It is mostly because I don't have much time so most of the time I'll say things like "OMGWTFBBQ AWESOME". I will attempt to spend a little more time picking at the weaknesses in your writing when I post comments...if i have the time. It's the least I can do to thank you for the effort you put into your story.

Happy birthday AB, I'm glad to have found TiG. It's probably my favorite fic that i've read, keep it up!


I'll reiterate keep up the amazing work. You are an amazingly talented writer.

Happy birthday!:pinkiehappy:

you know asking for critical feedback and saying it was your birthday in the same blog was counter productive right?

Yeah, I'm getting a bit of that "Schedule shoved up my ass" thing right now too. That you've managed to dedicate so much time to the fic despite real life already speaks a lot on its own. And even if you decided to drop this tomorrow, that wouldn't change how much you've already done for this story and for me as a writer. I'll send you a link when I've got one.

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