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    As most of you probably realized from the title, I am indeed getting off the ride. With the exception of Starswirl Academy, I will be making no further pony content. No short stories, no long stories, no quests, nothing. I enjoyed my time as a fan of the show, but I'm moving on to other things.

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Getting off the ride · 3:02am Nov 23rd, 2013

As most of you probably realized from the title, I am indeed getting off the ride. With the exception of Starswirl Academy, I will be making no further pony content. No short stories, no long stories, no quests, nothing. I enjoyed my time as a fan of the show, but I'm moving on to other things.

Seeing as I'm merely ending production of pony content and leaving the fandom, I don't think this deserves a long post or a drawn-out goodbye. People tend to make a bigger deal out of this than necessary. I'm not dying or going soul-searching, I just won't be here any more.

Now that that is said, here's what I'm planning to do with all my stories:
I will give anyone who enjoys them and wishes to keep/continue reading them at least 1 week (probably more if I'm feeling lazy) to download and save them. After that, I am deleting everything forever. Fimfiction and pastebin both will be deleted. SmutAnon will disappear from the internet EXCEPT for my tumblr, smut--anon.tumblr.com. If you want to say something, my account will accept messages and anon 'asks'. I won't be checking it often, but it will be there. I'll also .zip everything I've written into a file and put a link on my tumblr after everything has been deleted. I'm doing this for various reasons, the most significant of which being I am paranoid about my internet identity and I don't want any of it crossing over into real life.

I ask that if you do choose to download anything I have written that you do not go and post it on any other sites. If, for whatever reason, you feel you absolutely must host it somewhere, do not credit me or mention my alias in any way.

That is all. Cheerio!

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Deleting your stories?

Seems a bit much, but do what you must.

~Skeeter The Lurker

another writer leaving.....
a lot of great writers are leaving these days.

I will never understand why people delete all of their work like this. Completely mystifying.

I'm not trying to be a dick, but don't you think that deleting your stories not only is selfish for those in the future, but that you're deleting stuff you put work into?

If you wanna leave, then fine. More power to ya. If you wanna make a dramatic leave, also fine. But for the love of all that is good, don't delete stories!

good luck on your future endeavors

1530988 If you would be so kind, Art, relay this message to dear old RainbowBob for me:

God Damnit Bob.

1530997 What do I look like? The delivery boy?

1531000 Well, ironically enough, your profile pic is Spike right now, widely known for relaying letters, or messages.
Besides, if anything, do it for the randomness factor.

I'm giving people what I feel is a reasonable amount of time time to save what they like. I'm also saving it myself.

But 'those in the future'? Who are they? Some random person who might click on my story and read it? How would I know if they would even enjoy it? As harsh as it may sound, I don't have any sort of responsibility to them. Besides, my work will still be out there, just not publicized the same way.

These replies... My thoughts exactly. Do not delete them. Please.

1. You kinda just said that new readers don't matter. You don't know that. Just because they randomly show up doesn't mean they won't enjoy the story.

2. You're leaving the fandom, so you obviously don't care if they like your horse words anyway, so what's the problem with just leaving them up on Fimfic?

3. What is the actual point of you deleting these stories? Leaving the fandom doesn't mean trying to erase your time in it. Are you truly that ashamed of it?


It's leaving a legacy behind.

Besides, what are the chances that someone connects this to real life? It would be easy to just say "I have no idea" to it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I never get this self-censorship. If you're not coming back, why delete your stories? If you're afraid of "hurr durr someone might find out irl", unless you were posting your personal info all over here and /mlp/ I doubt anyone would care. And even if someone did find out, I doubt it'll be a big deal to begin with.

There is literally no harm to leaving the stories up. So what if someone comes along and likes it? Or makes a comment? You already said you won't be coming back, so it won't matter to you. Just leave a note on your profile and on your stories, saying that you're not around anymore.

You're not going to be using the alias 'smutanon' anywhere else, so there's no reason to get rid of your stuff.

1. Again, I have no responsibility to the nebulous concept of 'future readers'. It would be nice for them to read and enjoy the story, but should it not be there for them, I'm sure they'll get along just fine. Nothing I have written is particularly impressive.

2 & 3: I am not ashamed of my time here. You are putting words in my mouth. I do, however, recognize that pony smut is not socially acceptable and that any image, private or public, I have from here on out could be marred by it. Should I wish to do something like, say, write for profit, what is stored here could ruin that for me, and the benefit of leaving the stories here versus the negatives of someone finding everything is not worth it.


Besides, what are the chances that someone connects this to real life?

Famous last words. I know how I have been managing my online aliases. I know what people could potentially have knowledge of and it's likelier than you might think for someone to put the pieces together.
Also, I am a terrible liar.

None of my stories are being permanently removed from the internet. There will be a link on my tumblr indefinitely with everything I have written. The only thing changing is the visibility of the stories.


I'll concede that point... But you're acting like a major fool.

Don't delete the stories. There's no need to.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I never put words in your mouth, I asked a question. Also, I'm pretty sure no one is gonna know you're Smutanon unless you've given your real name/face before, nor will many care. It's not a defining thing in your life.

But do what you do I suppose. I just think it's a kick in the nuts to everyone who could have enjoyed your writings

How about just leave everything where it is? I'm honestly annoyed about authors doing this.

Guys, just let him have a sook. Deleting his stories is a stupid thing, what with the uploading indefinitely to tumblr.
Such a dick move.


Also, you are stoopid, stoopid, stoopid.

Expect this here scrub to heed your message and act completely opposite to it :D 'Lesson one' is way too good to be gone. The rest yeah, good riddance :D

Word of advice. Don't get into anything if you are going to ditch it like you are doing right now.
It is poor ethics to act like a dodo in this respect.

If you want, just poof off the Internet please.
We don't need your kind on the Internet.
You have wasted the times of your readers, to disappoint them.
Frankly that is rather disgraceful of you.

I would almost go as far as to label you a coward.
But then again, there will be no trace of you come seven days.
It is sad that you fail to even give reason to your permanent hiatus.

1539843 He doesn't feel like it anymore. S'reason enough to stop doing anything. He doesn't owe anyone here anything.

Sorry to see you go, Smut, was fun to work with you on the couple occasions I did. And hey, if you ever happen to need editing services in the future, it'll likely be possible to get in touch with me here for a long time to come :P

1550425 Fine. But does it have to mean everything on this profile goes poof?
I can understand that people will have their reasons leaving the fandom. Fair enough.
But I don't exactly see how any of this will leave painful memories.

Just ditch the profile and leave it as it is.

1552432 He wants to leave as little online presence as possible. That's his choice. He doesn't owe it to anyone to leave anything up, and in any case is providing a .zip with all his work for those who want it. The entitlement on this site blows my mind sometimes.

Aw, this actually makes me depressed. One of the reasons I even made my account was to fav and keep tabs on a story I thought was just THAT good. Also probably the worst part is I didn't get to save my favorite story because I didn't log in in a while :pinkiesad2:

Comment posted by The Mobius Strip deleted Aug 22nd, 2018


I'm sure they'll get along just fine. Nothing I have written is particularly impressive.

I just thought I should say that this is the most selfish thing I have seen anyone write. Last I checked, it doesn't matter what the author thinks of the story; it is what the fans do.

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