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Chaotic's AMA #1 (Answers!) · 12:05am Apr 24th, 2013

Previous Blog: Chaotic's AMA #1 (Question Time)

New Chapters' Progress (Guesstimate)
~ Equestrian Earth the MMORPG - 0%
~ Blowing Through the Pages - 46.55%
~ Luna Plays - 0%
~ A New Story - 10%

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Reddened Chaos asks:
So dear brother, if you landed in Equestria, and Luna was already taken, so that she couldn't be dated (god forbid) who would you go after? me personally, I'd go after either...Rainbow Dash, or possibly even Trixie!

Damn, you guys are already making this hard for me. Um, well I'll first off attempt to try to become close with Luna first to see if she would change her mind. If she doesn't (that would probably break my heart a little), then I would probably move to Ponyville, down a few drinks of Sweet Apple Acre's famous cider, and probably try to become Applejack's or Pinkie Pie's special somepony. Hopefully, Luna is available and I'm a pony. I'm sure they would freak out if I was still human.

Sandcroft asks:
Estimation on when you're gonna get back to work on your stories?

I'm actually working on a new story now for my anniversary that's coming up soon! It's for the first day I've ever registered on this site.

Dr Science asks:
What happens when you reach on of the three moments in gaming? These moments are the rage quit, meh, and zen moment. The first is self explanatory. The second is when someone is having no fun or frustrations. And the zen moment is when you become one with the controller and become totally enveloped in a game.

Rage Quit: I either feel cold anger, or I simple complain a lot about it. I try not to swear... but on CoD games, I end up getting so furious that I disturb the entire house.
Meh: Meh.
Zen Mode activate: Well... seeing how most of my games have to deal with violence, it's sort of like this.

The Princess Luna asks:
what game do you consider yourself ridiculously good at? (a.k.a. not even fair to the other players.)

I'm very awesome in XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Halo 4. The only ones who have a good chance of trumping me in Halo are my friends on Xbox Live.

DeadlyArbitrero asks:
Do you have spurs that jingle jangle jingle?

Oh, I got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle
(I got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle)
As I go ridin' merrily along
(As I go ridin' merrily along)

RageCake asks:
Hmmm. Have you ever gotten so angry that you punch a hole in anything. (I have heard of this guy who got so angry in a league game he punch a whole through his desk twice and one through his drawer.) Someone go ta pic of it Ill have to ask for it.

No, I don't believe I have.

HeimoBauss asks:
If you exist in a banana, does it make that bear a hamburger, or a bottle of Vodka.

It makes that ball a flat piece of rubber.

FrenziedGlint asks:
What is your best rage quit.

Um... I don't really remember the last rage quit I have. I get frustrated on CoD, but not to the extent where I actually get angry. (Refer to the earlier question.)

xnecroespherex asks:
Who do you believe is stronger, Luna or Celestia? Magically speaking and no biased opinion.

Dude, you have no idea what kind of trouble you're causing just by asking. For my own sake, I'm not going to answer. BUT... I will link you to this video.

(Watch the entire thing from beginning to end to understand what I'm getting at. The 33 minute video is pretty much worth it.)

Higherbeach asks:
Would you ever consider playing Dark Souls? (I ask because I am playing it now and It is fun, more of a challenge then most games out there)

I want to... but I think I would freak out during the entire game.

Lumadous asks:
Congrats, you were teleported to Equestria, what is the one and only thing you bring with you(other than the clothes on your back), and why?

A Costco-sized box full of Nature Valley brand granola bars. It's obvious that if I get transported to Equestria so suddenly, then I'm going to need something to eat right? It's not like I'm going to be able to find a job immediately.

RandomHero asks:
Do you hate me?

What? No! What the Tatarus made you think that?

Thewatcher509 asks:
If You Were Stuck In A Youtube Video(Or Series),What Would It Be?

What? Um... I don't know. I guess I really love the YouTube series: Chilled and Diction Sucks at Worms!

shapeshiftingpedro asks:
What would you do if you were a Earth pony in Equestria, and had non-magical telekinesis powers (i.e. no aura glow, can use it on yourself to fly)?

Geechan asks:
Does your PC experience Fryicus Infernous whenever you play games on it?

Let me just say this.
It's bad.

Pen Brush asks:
What were you like before my little pony?

Well let see. I was a very shy person. I would always end up keeping to myself, not bothering with anybody's business. I didn't have any friends at the time, so I was pretty much the definition of a loner. If I did have friends, it would most likely be just one friend. At my younger days at school, I would be constantly teased at, and my already small confidence would shrink every time. If somebody really made me angry, my bottle of emotions would burst out into a flood. Basically, I was a Fluttershy.

(I was really interested in birds and dolphins too at the time. They were my favorite animals. And then MLP came into my life.)

Frostbite the Ice Pony asks:
What would you do if you found your OC in a box on your doorstep?

I would hug it, love it, care for it, and play games with it as much as I can!

Gamer Luna asks:
Why don't you ever go on Steam? I want to play some games with you! :c D: :/ :x

Well, games to my laptop is like molasses to a cat. Video games make my laptop all slow, and could probably freeze it to a stop and... wait, do I know you on Steam?

Vampfollower asks:
Dear Strange Gender-Flipping, Species-changing pony,

I would like to know of your current thoughts on the status of the pornography industries within Equestria. Considering the fact that Princess Cadence is most noticeably an avid supporter of said industry (and the Crystal Empire gains a third of its income through the sale and export of such materials), I would like to know what your opinion is.

Therefore my question would be: "In your own words, why do you think the most noticeable consumers of pornographic materials happen to be the most powerful?" (Princess Cadence, Princess Celestia, Princess Twilight etc.)

P.S. As an agent for "Clop and True" I would like to remind you of the offers that have been previously sent out. Your gender shifting (as well as your ability to become a princess at will) would be an extraordinary asset to the future of the company and yourself. Please respond in a timely fashion.

W- What? Err, I'm not really sure. I guess ponies have some crazy fetishes to even consider hovering their lustful eyes over the lewd pictures of their highest of rulers. Our princesses happen to be pretty much one of the most beautiful mares in all of Equestria, and I wouldn't really be surprised if its citizens have a tiny crush on them. They're also widely known, so that's a bonus reason. Also... what was that about being an extraordinary asset to your company?

JDPrime22 asks:
How is it that people find your stories so intriguing? Any pointers you can pass on to me?

How dare you ask two questions at once when I specifically made it a rule to ask one!!!
I'll let this slide for now, but don't let me catch you again.
As for your answers, I really have no idea why people like my stories. There can't really be a general answer because everypony's opinions differ so greatly. As for advice, I suggest you start reading, and not just reading books. Read everything. Absorb vocabulary into your heart and soul. If you want to start writing, then start writing with something you're comfortable with. Something that you already know. Something that can relate to your life. Stories are meant to tell tales, and what better story to write about than a story related to something from your life? The greatest kinds of stories you can write can be taken from your experiences.

Brony2893 asks:

Have you seen my other Q&A blogs? Only a handful of people asked questions, but they all asked so many at once, that I ended up answering over a hundred of them. I don't think I even managed to answer some other people's questions cause I was really tired from typing for a long period of time.

warmen111 asks:
Question: Dear Chaoticnote, do you still work on Luna plays? That's how I found the awesome writter that is you, and it saddens me to see that there wern't any new chapters for a long time (last new chapter was on 22 january, 2013). I do like that you've found an editor for it though (You're doing an awesomejob Princess Luna, keep it up ). So in short: Do you still work on Luna plays?

Well, not now currently. I'm having trouble trying to motivate myself out of laziness. The various distractions in my life aren't helping. However, after the anniversary story and the next chapter for Blowing Through the Pages, I'll work on a couple more chapters for Luna Plays. Promise.

Lord Guffington asks:
Is there an end date for Equestria?

That, my friend, is a question I ask myself to sleep every night. I dunno.

Well, that's all the questions that were submitted! I'm gonna go take a quick break now. My hooves are killing me!

I don't know why she looks embarrassed. She looks so cute with those glasses on!

She didn't even need to try. Lassoing comes naturally to her.

Pinkie in her au naturale mane style takes a walk through in the wheat field while wearing her favorite summer dress... that's bucking gorgeous. I'll admit that.

Oh sweet Luna, my heart can't take the cuteness!

Welcome the lovely Rarity as she joins our roster of pony blog pictures!
Thank you for having me, darling.
It's a pleasure.

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Nooooooooo I didn't participate on this :fluttercry::fluttercry::raritydespair::ajsleepy:

My computer has the same issue! We're computer issue buddies!:pinkiehappy:

A good idea for your story Luna Plays would be some type of a gaming tournament.

I don't think so. Have you considered getting a gaming computer?

Aaaannd? Well, if you're having problems getting one.. I could always you know. Help you. :twilightsmile:

Can you seriously do that?:twilightoops:
That would be amazing.

The only ones who have a good chance of trumping me in Halo are my friends on Xbox Live.

Truer words have never been spoken. Also, that was an awesome answer. :rainbowkiss:

I will say, Dark Soul isn't a scary game, just a really hard one.

I missed the AMA also. :fluttercry:

Interesting questions with interesting answers. 1030138 Didja get the Priscilla Dagger? I kinda like that dagger. :ajsmug:

Dat Backstory......'Twas Beautiful

Did you see everyone!? I am loved! :D

1030450 Before MLP Back Story...It Was Heart-Warming...I Was Kinda Like A Mix Of Pinkie Pie And Twilight Sparkle...I Was Fun-Loving But A Bit Book-ish:twilightsmile:

Well, I'm glad you liked my life story.:twilightsmile:
And I'm sure I would had been great friends with you had we met before. Of course, MLP brought all of us together in the end.:pinkiehappy:

Of course! It would be my pleasure! :scootangel::heart:

... So how are you going to send me the computer?:twilightoops:

So how about I also get you GTA V? :raritywink:

But I'm already buying GTA V. I have it on preorder.:twilightoops:

Oh really? Okay then. Um.. do you anything else? :twilightblush:

Can you sleep by me tonight? I need cuddles from you to live.:twilightblush:

Lol.. sure. Which wing do you want to cuddle in tonight? Left or right? :rainbowkiss:

Whichever is your most sensitive wing.:rainbowwild:

*Giggles* Right it is.. so are just gonna stand there staring at me all day? Or are you gonna come snuggle me?

Ooooh! Snuggle! Snuggle! Snuggle! Aahh you're so adorable. :rainbowkiss:


Luna, I'm going to kill Chaotic. Just thought you should know.

Wait. WHAT?!:fluttershysad:
Why do you wanna kill me?:fluttercry:
1030581, please help me!

I dunno know if he is.
He's severely... *shudders violent* OP.:twilightoops:

No he won't.. I.. I won't let him.

*Hugs tightly*
Please don't cry. I'm here, remember? You'll be safe.

I know.:fluttershysad:
I know I can take care of myself... but I'm glad your here to protect me when I can't possibly save myself. You're always there to pull me out of a deep well.:heart:

Aww, that really means a lot, Chaotic. Thank you. Now, what do we do about him?

Well, I guess you can try to talk to him.:applejackunsure:

Please get him a good computer! Team Fortress 2 is so worth it! (Even if it is free.)

And I'm glad to hear you're getting your flank in gear and back to work on your stories. I miss having a good chapter or two of your stuff to read through.

Yeah I should. I mean, if somepony dares to threaten my Chaotic's life. Then they.. have another thing coming. Who is he, anyway? Somepony you know?

He's one of my fans, but he also claims to be one of the greatest warriors in the universe or something. I don't want to believe him, but he has enough power to take on the strongest of unicorns. Like King Sombra, or Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Yeah I will. Cause if somepony dares to threaten my Chaotic's life.. Well, they got another thing coming.
*Kisses your muzzle*

*Yawn* Welp, I'm gonna collapse into exhaustion. Good night, Lulu.:rainbowkiss::heart:
*Snuggles underneath your right wing, and snores softly into blissful rest*

*Loud knocking on the door to the bedroom*

Night Chaotic. I wove you. :twilightsmile: :heart:

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