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Chaotic's AMA #1 (Question Time) · 4:45am Apr 23rd, 2013

Previous Blog: Gender Roles in Equestrian Society A.K.A. a really long, in-depth blog that's probably worth reading =D

New Chapters' Progress (Guesstimate)
~ Equestrian Earth the MMORPG - 0%
~ Blowing Through the Pages - 46.55%
~ Luna Plays - 0%

What I'm currently listening to:

Ah, the sound of people failing...
It's music to my ears. Even my fails are funny. =)

You heard me right. Ask me anything! By tomorrow, I'll answer about at least 50 questions in the next blog.
You are limited to one question, one post.
I'll answer your question if it's interesting, so don't ask me boring stuff. Unless if you really want to.

That's about it. Now...

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Comment posted by Reddened Chaos deleted Apr 23rd, 2013

Estimation on when you're gonna get back to work on your stories?

what game do you consider yourself ridiculously good at? (a.k.a. not even fair to the other players.)

Do you have spurs that jingle jangle jingle? :trollestia:

Hmmm. Have you ever gotten so angry that you punch a hole in anything. (I have heard of this guy who got so angry in a league game he punch a whole through his desk twice and one through his drawer.) Someone go ta pic of it Ill have to ask for it.

If you exist in a banana, does it make that bear a hamburger, or a bottle of Vodka.

What is your best rage quit.

Who do you believe is stronger, Luna or Celestia? Magically speaking and no biased opinion.

Would you ever consider playing Dark Souls? (I ask because I am playing it now and It is fun, more of a challenge then most games out there)

Congrats, you were teleported to Equestria, what is the one and only thing you bring with you(other than the clothes on your back), and why?

Do you hate me?

If You Were Stuck In A Youtube Video(Or Series),What Would It Be?

What would you do if you were a Earth pony in Equestria, and had non-magical telekinesis powers (i.e. no aura glow, can use it on yourself to fly)?

Does your PC experience Fryicus Infernous whenever you play games on it?

What were you like before my little pony?

What would you do if you found your OC in a box on your doorstep?

Why don't you ever go on Steam? I want to play some games with you! :c D: :/ :x

1028701 Woona, I'd always try to go after you...(who's not to say the one who took you in my question, is me! *kisses* don't be down, it's just a random question!

Dear Strange Gender-Flipping, Species-changing pony,
I would like to know of your current thoughts on the status of the pornography industries within Equestria. Considering the fact that Princess Cadence is most noticeably an avid supporter of said industry (and the Crystal Empire gains a third of its income through the sale and export of such materials), I would like to know what your opinion is.

Therefore my question would be: "In your own words, why do you think the most noticeable consumers of pornographic materials happen to be the most powerful?" (Princess Cadence, Princess Celestia, Princess Twilight etc.)

P.S. As an agent for "Clop and True" I would like to remind you of the offers that have been previously sent out. Your gender shifting (as well as your ability to become a princess at will) would be an extraordinary asset to the future of the company and yourself. Please respond in a timely fashion.

How is it that people find your stories so intriguing? Any pointers you can pass on to me?

I considered it, then realized I dunno what you classify as boring so I'll pass for now. :derpytongue2:

WHY ONLY ONE QUESTION!?!:flutterrage:

Question: Dear Chaoticnote, do you still work on Luna plays? That's how I found the awesome writter that is you, and it saddens me to see that there wern't any new chapters for a long time (last new chapter was on 22 january, 2013). I do like that you've found an editor for it though (You're doing an awesomejob Princess Luna, keep it up :twilightsmile:). So in short: Do you still work on Luna plays?

Is there an end date for Equestria?

What would happen if YOU broke Luna's abacus? (or rather, her favorite one)

1029107......It just appears as a black X to me. Mind telling me?

1029837 Hmmm....I guess I broke the rules. :applejackunsure:

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