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nice header · 6:13pm Dec 20th, 2017

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I love that. XD

How much was it?

$14 Ah looks like he raised it to $15. Granted the previous complex moving animations he did were simple movement. Mine and another's (the bird anthro) are more complex.

Damn that was only $15?! I gotta get me something!

Okay complaint though now that I look at it it won't stop bothering: your mouth and muzzle are nowhere near each other!

Fuck commissions are closed now.

Nice! I would ask who made it and how much it costs, but that was taken care of. :twilightsmile:

Well I paid $14. He raised the price after I did.

... You could have chosen to say nothing. Great. Now it's bothering me too. I want to say it's a stylistic choice, but that choice means "Sonic Mouth Syndrome."

You know what? I'm not bothered by it at all. It's the artist's stylistic choice and I actually like it.

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