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we gots a new genre tag (also EqE-related) · 11:59pm Jan 5th, 2018

Anthologies are basically a collection of written work or other things. They may all be tied together by a similar theme, setting, or topic. With that said, I'm definitely thinking of creating a new side story for Equestrian Earth now that this tag exists. More or less this side story will serve as practice for me before I dip my hands into the main story again. It'll feature just about any characters in a situation that's not particularly vital to the main plot of EqE (among these characters, the main characters of the original may or may not be included).

With that said, I'm thinking of using the CMC to be the cover art for this. Take a look at the selection below, then vote here!

EDIT: Oh voting will end in about a week or so.






Comments ( 7 )

The top one. It's cute.

I like it too, but I won't hold preference if another wins. Also what have you been up to, dude? 👀

Took a break from the mess. You?

Well I'm still attending classes. This is my second quarter into my Bachelor's. I bought Divinity Original Sin 2. Been playing that.

That's a very good game. I did a playthrough with it when it came out.

If you feel like it, wanna create a coop campaign?

I'd have to redownload it, but sure. I'd be glad to make the time sometime this weekend. Last to apotheosis is a chicken!

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