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What's YOUR Favorite Episode? · 5:44pm Feb 18th, 2013


You guys should check out this poll.

Far be it for me to attempt to influence anyone's votes, but Best Night Ever could use some more love. Just sayin'.

Except I am not just saying, because you didn't hear that from me.

Now go vote for Best Night Ever Have fun voting!

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Comments ( 17 )
Wanderer D

The one where Wizardmon dies. I mean, I love the guy but... the feels, man! The feels!

Site Blogger

*For some sets of "episode"


Not saying this last episode is but Celestia singing...Just saying.:heart:

Magical Mystery Cure

Best Night Ever would probably be my favorite as well. Though Lesson Zero is an EXTREMELY close 2nd place.

Oh my freaking god, right?

She just whisked Twilight away to a magical space realm. Then she sang for her.


"Best Night Ever" is an awesome episode, but it has some very stiff competition in the same bracket! :rainbowdetermined2:

Magical mystery cure. The only episode which brought me to she'd liquid pride:raritycry:(tearsofjoy)

Magical Mystery Cure, Lesson Zero, Sweet and Eliite, Best Niight Ever..:pinkiehappy:
Too many good ones to decide!

Okay, okay, you guys can vote for Magical Mystery Cure too.

But no voting for MMMystery on the Friendship Express.

843073 No kidding man, no kidding. :raritycry::raritydespair:


And the sight of:

All three current princesses welcoming their newest member? My head-canon was firing volley after volley of salutes! I could not be happier with the stuff this season gave me to monkey around with! :pinkiehappy:


DAMMIT :ajsleepy:
I would've voted for Best Night Ever, I swear I would.
But it was in the same bracket with Applebuck Season- and that episode is me, and the thing that got me into the fandom.
Everypony ELSE vote for BNE okay? :applejackconfused:

Well sadly Hurricane Fluttershy is still my all-time favorite episode in the series. Just Saying :yay:

1 Look Before You Sleep - The episode that started it all... THE ONE TRUE PARING! (they even get paired in the comics A LOT. These two just have the best chemistry.)
2 Feeling Pinkie Keen - This was tough... Over A Barrel dealt with racism and conflicts in such a great way. I should change my vote... I don't know tough call!
3 Hearth's Warming Eve - Say what you will about worst pony, but Merry Weather gave us a great holiday episode... Putting Your Hoof Down was a close second.
4 Sweet and elite - Yes, it beat out the finales for me. It's just great chemistry and some good feels in it.
5 Last Roundup - What *isn't* good about this episode? AJ didn't get enough lines in the episode as she should of had, but she made up for it in action and some great faces. All the feels at the were shared. Great episode. Oh, and Derpy did stuff and talked, that was cool too.

Based on amount of times I've re-watched and didn't find myself skipping scenes. Ones that's made me laugh the most or feel the most. an episode.
I can't believe I didn't choose Winter Wrap Up myself either...

Questions 3... I loved Apple Family Reunion A LOT. That was a great episode. But, I like slice of life episodes and I love AJ's character <3 even if overly typecast in some episodes.

Spike At You Service had WONDERFUL moments, sure the whole taking two ancient story ideas and meshing them up wasn't all that compelling. And the whole having his Spike's Dragon Code means the world to him since *ALWAYS* was too forced, they could of just let it be a thing he came up with the past few months or something, who knows. Still, had great chemistry between him and AJ and the other girls.
AJ devilishly enjoying Rarity live up to her generous nature with that Pie Spike made <3 (Rarity was so disgusted she tried to get as little of her MAGIC from gripping too much of that fork! lols) it had LOTS of good moments. Twilight even danced around her cushion like a kitty cat before she sat down :heart: adorable!

Point is, sure some episodes are bad, but if you focus so much on one part of it that you'll just end up having a bad time overall because you let yourself miss out on the good it did have. So, it's not like my choices here indicate I don't like AJ episodes or that they are my utmost favorites. Just, some that had really great moments in them. I agree that Best Night Ever is easily one of the nicest S1 episodes.

Can't wait to see the results of that poll though. Should be interesting to see.

Lesson Zero and Party of One in the same category?


Myotismon is best villain for sure. At least season 1 Myostismon anyway.

I picked mostly Pinkie episodes but that is not unusual for me...

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