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    What could be revealed when the mask called composure slips? Twilight and Celestia romance  · Varanus
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Back to writing · 11:37am

I've finally gotten through the worst of my college stuff, so it's time to resume writing!

I think I'm a little out of practice, though. I should write something different to get back in the groove.

I know! Rarijack!


"Rarity I have returned and also my shirt is open?"

"Ooooh Applejack oh~"

"Let's do it -- and I will leave my hat on"



SHINING ARMOR, WITH BIG MAC "Oooh Applejack's brother~"



Y-yeah! I s-still got it!

shit shit shit noooo

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#68 · 8w, 6d ago · 1 · ·

Var. I hope life has brought you nothing but good things.

Better than one drunken American who has a habit of pissing you off from time to time with thoughtless remarks.

#67 · 43w, 6d ago · · 18 ·

You dead? Good riddance.

#66 · 44w, 5d ago · · ·


Are you dead?


#65 · 97w, 5d ago · 17 · ·

Hey Varanus,

I was going through my lists tonight and came by out of curiosity to see how long you've been out, and it's been quite a while. It made me sad to think that you will likely never finish this amazing and amazingly-told story (Composure, or course). It's been so long that I can't help but think that you might have out-grown it, or simply moved on for whatever other reason.

Even if you never complete Composure, thank you so much for what you brought to us. This story really resonated with me and brought me very enthusiastically into the fandom. I do wish we could see where this wonderful story eventually led, but what you gave us was sweet.

All of that said, I sincerely hope that you're doing well wherever you are, and whatever you are doing. That, honestly, would be a good ending all by itself.

#64 · 103w, 5d ago · 1 · ·

Still waiting :pinkiecrazy:

One of these days I'll check on this and chapter 8 will just be there, and whatever embarrassing exclamation of glee comes out of me will be heard for miles.

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