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500 Followers and Cookies! · 1:36pm May 22nd

SO... I honestly never thought I'd check my notifications on Fimfiction and see that 500 followers number. I've definitely slowed the breaks on writing, but I still love this site. I've made so many friends whom I probably can't list all of you without forgetting someone who took a moment of their own time to talk to a lonely mare, that just wanted to be noticed.

Whelp it finally happened I hit 500 followers and I just have one question.
"Why me?"

It's not like I have some grand epic story on my page. I'm mostly known for my cute one-shots or known for interviewing other authors. Because believe it or not, I'm much like Flutters when it comes to spotlight. I don't know how to handle it. So, you are reading this. Why did you follow me in the first place? What makes "Nailah, Nailah" ? If that makes sense. lolz

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Congratulations! :heart:

🍪 🍪 🍪


Yay! Congrats Nai Nai!

congrats! 👍

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