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Interview with Lucky Seven · 12:20am May 21st

Interview: Rp Format
Lucky Seven as RoseLuck
Nailah as Gwen

Gwen was trotting back and forth in front of the Castle. Snow Heart was late ahead. She shook her head.
"That mare is gonna to drive me to drink." She looked out towards the horizon above. It was a bright sunny day, a few odd clouds here and there, but mostly way too hot for her to be wearing a full coverage of plate armor, and have no clue when Snow Heart would return. She didn't mind.

She paced and paced.

And then decided on a whim, to go for a short flight. Snow Heart wouldn't' be back immediately. Spreading out her wings to full span, she pushed her back legs fully backwards, stretching like a cat about to pounce. And lifted herself off into the air.

It wasn't very long until she saw a pony walking in the direction of the castle. It wasn't Snow Heart, it was easy to tell from her vintage point, no bat wings, nor bat like tuff ears. Gwen wasn't about to take chances, so she descended rapidly down towards the pony.

Roseluck was out on her monthly trot to the home of Princess Snow Heart, heading right towards the Royal Gardens. They had always been a haven for the most beautiful of flora, and she was excited to once again see what new species the princess had chosen to display as the seasons shifted. Stopping in her tracks, her attention was grabbed by a shadowy blob quickly approaching her on the ground. As the shadow grew larger, it dawned on her that she was being divebombed from above. Her head shot upwards towards the sky just in time to see her attacked.

"Ah, the horror, the ho--!" She cried out, but was cut off as the aerial assaulter finally reached her.

Gwen landed right in front of the pony in question. Immediately her hawk like blue eyes starring her down. Earth pony... Red mane, yellow coat, cutie mark of a rose.

"Oh it's just you." She relaxed her muscles, and let out a slight sigh of relief. Not a threat to Snow Heart or the castle. Just a friend.*

"You know you should be more careful. I was about to take you into the castle for an investigation as to who you were and why you thought it wise to approach the Royal Castle when the Princess isn't even home." Gwen stated, wiping a strand of sweat from her brow, and reaching out a claw towards Roseluck.*

"Sorry about the scare. I'm guessing you're here to see the new flowers and bushes? The garden is quite lovely this time of year. Not as lovely, as the Princess but truly none of us can compare to her."

Roseluck tentatively reached a hoof forward and grasped the royal guard's claw, shaking it gently. "M-my name is Roseluck. I... don't know if we've met?"

Looking ahead towards the gate to the Royal Gardens, she thought a bit more about the situation and smiled. "And the garden is so pretty! It's full of so many different species of flora that we couldn't dream of growing natively in Ponyville."

"I remember you, but I'm Gwen," Gwen stated firmly, trying not to grip the pony's hoof roughly.

Gwen nodded her head in response. She turnt herself around to walk beside her, after taking off her helmet and shifting it to her side. Her feather were soaked from her own sweat, and she wiped her forehead.

"I'm more excited that the sprinklers should be going off soon. Hopefully by the time we get there, the Princess will have returned. I really hate it when she just takes off without letting me know when she'll return. Doesn't she know I worry?"

Gwen shook her head, and placed her claw against her eyes, taking a few deep breaths in, and out.

"Sorry, let's get you to the garden's safely. There's no better guard then me." She quirked rising her shoulder blades an inch higher, puffing out her chest feathers, which made a few poke out like a tuff of fluff*

"It's nice to meet you, Gwen," Roseluck smiled. The tough-gal demeanor the griffon was giving off made Roseluck titter, but she decided to play along. "I'm glad I'll have a big, strong griffon to protect me while I peruse the gardens."

Settling into a slow trot towards the main gate, Roseluck focused her gaze on her new acquaintance's face. as she slowly unlatched the keyless lock that kept it closed against the many gusts of wind that would blow through. "So... wanna get to know each other?"

Gwen turnt her head to the left, to the right and double checked behind them to ensure no other troublemakers...not that Roseluck was trouble. Anything but honestly.

"Uh, sure. I'm not as great as conservation starters as the Princess but What got you interested in flowers/fandom? Was it the hardworking task of getting down and dirty in soil, or maybe the fresh smell when a flower bud first blooms or maybe something else entirely?" Gwen immediately realized she was rambling, and probably going too fast.*

"Uh so what did get you into the fandom?"

Roseluck raised a hoof to her chin, pondering that question for a few moments. Flowers and... fandom? Well, she certainly was a fan of flowers. She could gush about them forever. But for now, she had to make it concise.

"Ever since I was a young pony, I was told that being into flowers was for the filliest of fillies. My friends would put me down for being into things that they weren't, since I mostly grew up around colts and then stallions. But for me, the beauty of flowers is that there's so much love, care, and attention to detail put into a great garden. It's something I can appreciate regardless of gender roles and norms. And when I found out other ponies not only adored flowers as much as I did, but wrote about them? I knew I just had to join in and cultivate my own wonderous garden, rife with beautiful flora and friends."

Gwen listened while continuing to walk towards the garden. It wasn't much further and then she could finally feel at ease once they were there.

"Yeah, I get that. Back in Griffonstone every Griff fought over everything. It didn't matter what it was. Sometimes it can be relaxing to not have to constantly look over my shoulder. Smelling the flowers, sounds nice. Pleasant and simple but there's so many ways to enjoy flowers that you never know what you might uncover." Gwen smiled, and looked towards Roseluck*

So... what does a cutie mark mean anyways?"
Gwen was quite blankly staring at her rose on her butt. She has a cute ass she thought to herself.

"Well, for me, it means multiple things. I'm lucky to have the friends I do. I'm like a flower in bloom, ready to show the world my beauty! But if you must know, my name was picked at random because back when I bought an Xbox with Halo, I needed a name. I happened to see a CHS copy of the movie Seven, stylized as Se7en, on my parents' entertainment center. So my name became Se7en. Eventually it was Seven81493, for my birthdate, since Seven and Se7en were both take by the time I got Xbox LIVE. I used that for Fimfic for a while, but eventually it got tiring and I swapped to Seventh Heaven on Fimfic and Roselucky Seven on Xbox LIVE. I shortedn Roselucky Seven to Lucky Seven and here we are today!"

The garden came into the view of the both of them. A beautiful water fountain was pour out water from all sides, and had a cute little frog sitting at the top. There were beautiful hedges that surrounded the entrance.

"Yeah, that sounds like it was a hassle. Remind me not to get into gardening."

There were quite a few assortments of butterflies, and various other insects like grasshoppers, enjoying the serenity and freshness that the garden provided to them all. And surprisingly sitting there on a zen style bench, nose deep into a book was a certain Princess.

Gwen put down her helmet and was about to grumble at her,, when she remembered her place, and that they had a guest to attend too. Her tail sway, slightly agitated, but quickly composed herself*

"So, is Snow Heart your favorite pony around these parts or is it some non-pony perhaps, like a griffon?" She teased, jabbing her with an elbow and a slight wink*

"Heh, well I'm definitely a fan of you already!" Roseluck exclaimed with a smile. "But if I had to pick some favorite characters, I would have to say I'm a big fan of myself of course. Roses are beautiful, after all. Heck, I have a tattoo of one! But I also really like Starlight and Rarity, they've always been sweet to me."

Gwen smirked, and starred up at a random passing cloud to hide the slight flush rising to her cheeks.
"Rarity is very sweet and always takes time to fix the under chains of my plate armor. There aren't many ponies that are comfortable having a griffon, so close and personal." She was jabbing on purpose and Snow Heart's ears perked, and just went back to her book, almost like this was the norm for Gwen.

"You know how you ponies get marks, did you get yours by planting a rose or was it something totally unrelated to flowers? Knowing you it was probably a terrifying event."

"Well, I'll say that I'm mostly inspired by friends. My biggest inspiration ever is my friend Carolyn. She's an absolute sweetheart and has been more helpful to my writing than anyone else, as well as to my personal growth. But aside from that, I'm inspired by the music I listen to. I love music, I have to have it playing basically from when I wake up to when I go to sleep, and all of my stories have been inspired in some way by what I listen to. Heck, all of the chapters of Roseluck's Realization are named after the track listing from the great Eric Johnson's solo guitar album, Ah Via Musicom."

"Snow Heart inspires me. She's able to help so many ponies, and well other creatures too and doesn't even worry about herself. I don't know how she does it honestly. She's like the sun on a day filled with dark clouds while pouring rain and you get that first bit of sunlight that brings warmth to your fur and your soul." Gwen gushed a bit.

Gwen and Snow Heart practically grew up together but Roseluck wouldn't know that.

Gwen shook her head, and tried to get certain thoughts of the Princess to leave her head. It wasn't at all professional of her to gawk about the Princess, even if she was just that awesome.*

So, how do you even grow flowers? Is it magic, time, luck?"

"The secret to cultivating a successful garden is learning from your mistakes. You might have a few weeds crop up now and then, and you might accidentally kill some flowers or malnourish them for too long. But what truly matters is understanding that these mistakes don't define you, and growing from them! Not every pony is going to like what you do, and that's okay. Cultivate your garden, and writer your stories, for you."

Do things for you. Griffons only ever cared about themselves. Gwen looked to Rose, then to Snow Heart
"My passion will always be to protect Snow Heart. That is what brings me true joy, and keeping her from having to deal with the more ugly parts of her being well Royalty, ,I don't mind getting rough if I need too. I want her light to shine even brighter."

"That's a really noble cause, Gwen. I can tell you care a lot about Princess Snow Heart."

Roseluck paused for a moment, thinking of ways she could help Gwen grow even closer to Snow Heart. "You know... speaking of gardens. There's this story called The Keepers of Discord, by Hoopy McGee. I think you should buy a copy for the Princess, she'd like it. Ooh, or maybe a copy of 1984! Or even Journey to the Center of the Earth!. But me, I'm mostly into biographies. If you're into sports even a little, I'd recommend Johnny U: The Life and Times of John Unitas. It's the best biography around."


"Yeah. She was my first friend that wasn't a stuck up Griffon that think they know everything about what it means to have pride. Snow Heart, I mean The Princess. She took one look at me, and just knew what I needed was someone to listen."

"So, your friends what drew you to them? Or how did you all become so close? I'm still learning lots about friendship even now. Maybe it's because I'm a stubborn griff but I often get lost in my own headspace sometimes."

"Well, my first ever friend I made in the fandom saw that my gardening had potential, and she took me under her wing. That started a friendship that's going on 12 years this November!" Roseluck pawed at the ground with her hoof. "But to be serious for a moment, almost every friend I have in the world, save for two I met in real life, are from the fandom. I'm blessed to have been able to meet all of them several times, lived with a few of them, and heck I even have one moving to where I live next year and had another do so earlier this year! We're a close-knit community, and the fact I call them my friends still blows my mind every day." Looking back up to Gwen, she smiled. "Music is one of the biggest things we talk about, though. That, and games. We actually have this thing we call 'Music Book Club' where we'll each recommend an album every week, and then we spend our next meeting reviewing all the albums after having listened to them. It's an amazing tradition we've had going for over two years now."

"Yeah, I don't really have any real friends besides Snow Heart, ahem. The Princess. Ponies, no offense. They usually take one look at me, and they either run, or they don't know how to approach me. I get it, I'm a griffon and we have a representation for being excuse my language, big meanie's."

Gwen chuckled at her avoidance of using the word jerk. Snow Heart sometimes swore but never in the company of an honored guest. She often did her best to keep her composure. Though, sometimes she did use her role as a royal guard as an excuse to swear at the political now-it-all ponies that tried to tell HER... ahem. The Princess how to rule her kingdom.*

"So, um how do you feel about griffons? I hope I'm not too scary."

"Well I definitely wouldn't say you're scary, but I'm curious what makes it so easy for you to approach ponies. Did you have to overcome any sort of fear of meeting new ponies, or would you say it's natural to you? And what made you want to talk to ponies so often?"

"Honestly, I didn't feel like I belonged in Griffonstone. Every griff I knew when I was just a kid always thought of their own desires first. No griff seemed to even consider any other option. So, I left Griffonstone to attend a school in Ponyville, and that's where I met Snow Heart, ahem the Princess. Her little sister was being bullied and she stood up to the bullies, even as she was shaking. I could practically feel how nervous she was, ,but despite all that, she still stood up and tried to help. That's when I knew I would follow her, wherevere she went. I wanted to learn how to share my own toughness with the world, but in a positive light, to help others that maybe didn't know where to even start, or how to put their best claw forward."

"The only thing I have left to say is that I've enjoyed my last 12 years on this website. Fimfiction may not be as widely used as it once was, but the community is still very much alive and tons of fun to hang around with. Also Roseluck is best pony and Starlight is the best main character."


Thanks to Lucky Seven for allowing me the opportunity to interview them, it was truly such a pleasure! You can follow them HERE: Lucky Seven

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Music is one of the biggest things we talk about, though. That, and games. We actually have this thing we call 'Music Book Club' where we'll each recommend an album every week, and then we spend our next meeting reviewing all the albums after having listened to them. It's an amazing tradition we've had going for over two years now."

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