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Bring back interviews? · 12:07pm May 18th

Remember the interview blogs?
Would you all like to see them again or meh?
I know I had standard questions but I also had a Roleplay mode that made each blog a bit different from the last. Not everyone is into rp but it was a good way to make each interview feel fresh.
If you don't know or haven't noticed. I'm not really writing here but I still want to help out however I can to the people that are still here. So let me know!

Comments ( 6 )

It would be interesting

I was not yet around when these interview blogs where a thing, but you have piqued my interest.

Any chance that you could drop a link?

I suppose I could dig for them myself, but it doesn't hurt to ask:pinkiecrazy:

I would love if they got brought back!

I enjoyed reading them.

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