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Interview with 6-D Pegasus · 8:43pm May 18th

1. What got you into My Little Pony?

6-D Pegasus
I found it cause a neighborhood friend introduced me to happy tree friends x3 back in 2015, and while watching some of that, stumbled on one of those HTF x MLP creepy pasta videos haha, and once I started watching those, YouTube started recommending me clips from the mlp show

I think I checked some out, then saw littleshy's everything wrong with series on some s2 episodes like Luna eclipsed

Then a bit after, I was aware of s5's finale episode dropping (because new reactions showed up on my page) and watching it made me want to check the show out properly in chronological order

what inspired your username?

6-D Pegasus
Around 2016 I found a pony channel Aurelleah, since I was listening to Luna's Future, and his remix was recommended. I started frequenting his streams and, after seeing other channels with OC or pone names, I wanted to join in on it (I had just been using my one main email with my full name lol)

So I made a new email with the laziest pony name, and tried to come up with the actual channel name and eventually settled on Penta Pegasus

Because there were 5 things I wanted to use my channel for

Eventually I added a 6th and after screwing around with name roots, made "6-D Pegasus"

I made my fimfic account a year later and just used the same name and profile picture (and they're still the same lol)

My name became 6DPegasus on different sites for a brief period in 2018, as I was using it for a minecraft name, before I resettled on 6-D Pegasus

Set it as my discord display name too soon after joining fimfic discord so they'd match

Who is best character and why?

6-D Pegasus

Rainbow Dash will always be my favorite as her character overall was a sort of comfort in 2017, and her relationship with scoots is one of my favorite sibling dynamics ever x3

Followed very closely by Twilight and Starlight

Kinda funny that'd I'd later end up associating/relating myself with Scoots so much later on while still having Rainbow as my favorite :'3

What inspires you to write?

6-D Pegasus
I think mainly that I hope somewhere out there, someone will see what I make and be inspired in the same way I've been by the larger works and larger authors

When I was new to the fandom, Aurelleah's streams were in composing music and art, so I tried to do that as well and quickly found out how much I sucked at either

But after joining Fimfiction, mainly because I wanted to read fallout equestria, which was M rated, and did a few fics, I realized that was something maybe I could get better at, and that could be where my place in the fandom might be ^^

Even now, seeing some authors really like what I've written melts me on the inside

If you look through most my earlier fics (pre-2023 lmao), I'm constantly asking for comments cause that was what I loved to see from people cause it was the purest form of engagement to me

What advice might you give a new author, just starting out for the first time?

6-D Pegasus

Well personally, the first thing I'd recommend is to avoid the temptation to dive straight into a long fic premise right off the bat, unless you've been writing for a while outside the fandom or something. I have a ton of fics from 2017 that I never started or finished the first chapter that were all long premises, because I was so excited about them, I never thought about what would actually happen in them. Writing a few one shots to get a better understanding of your own writing style and how you handle an idea or conflict from start to finish can help wonders for when you do start a long one.

Don't exhaust yourself, take breaks if you get stuck, or else you'll just get frustrated with what you're working on ans that'll mess with ya ><
Highly recommend reading a lot too, to see how others have handled things and see what might work for you and what won't.
And for fimfic specifically, even if you're very new, would highly recommend finding a ton of groups to join to add your fic in, since that plays a huge role in your fic being visible. It's not about getting popular or ratings, but more so your story is seen, as it helps others read it and maybe can give advice you didn't know you needed x3

6.What is your favorite book? (It doesn't have to be mlp specifically) and why?

6-D Pegasus
Actually overall my favorite book is mlp, but that's because MLP got me back into reading, so I'm branching out from there and slowly finding nonpony stuff

But right now it would be Background Pony. I really really loved everything about it, dialogue, descriptions, feels, made me hate the ending in a good way lol, and it was a huge influence on my greater appreciation for what I have and those around me, and was an influence on why I try to make others happy when I can

Would you like to say anything about the pony behind the writer? (About you basically) You may skip this question if you want.

6-D Pegasus
Mmmmm a good part of me is sad over how much I missed out in the fandom^^" I go around seeing all these groups of pones with such a long standing history with each other and it's hard not to feel like an odd one out when I try to join in so late^^" but am trying my best to leave a bit of an impact where I can, hopefully a positive one ^^

Let's turn the table shall we? Is there anything you want to ask me? Be careful, you only get 1 question.

6-D Pegasus

What got you into ponies, and then subsequently, the fandom? x3

Well, it was all Rainbow Dash's fault

A long time ago, I didn't like My Little Pony because it was advertised as a show for like 6-8 year old girls and I am very much a tom boy. I saw Rainbow Dash beside Sonic all over the internet and I was like "Huh, she must be fast, she's cool."

Literally my first initial thoughts about her.

I would later finally sit down and watch an espiode, I said if I hated it, I would move on with my life. That espiode I watched that changed everythign for me was Rainbow dash gets a pet. Aka The tortoise and the hare story

and I was hooked, line and sinker

6-D Pegasus

I had found MLP several years before actually seeing it, through flipnotws on hatena, by other bronies, but I didn't recognize it because people drew ponies in vastly different styles that didn't look like "my little pony" xD

Is there anything else you'd like to say?

6-D Pegasus
You're awesome

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6-D Pegasus

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Aaaaaaa thanks so much for interviewing meeee! I really enjoyed it and it's great to see you coming back for interviewing!! :twilightsmile:

You are indeed very awesome

Nice to see these again.

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