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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • 2 weeks
    MLP Gen5 Butts are too small

    Seriously, they are. This is by far the most important issue, if they made their asses fatter it would improve viewership. If they made the ponies thicc prudes would complain, which would only draw in even more viewers. Twilight Sparkle, the protagonist of the series has a fat ass, and her teacher Princess Celestia, who's ass is even fatter.

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  • 4 weeks
    I don't like anthro

    The main reason is uncanny valley. When something looks human but not quite. A perfect example would be a robot trying to mimic being human, it looks unsettling. It's somewhat insulting towards the ponies, you have Twilight Sparkle there a beautiful unicorn and you can't embrace her just because she's not fully in human shape, even though she has all the qualifications to be a sapient-minded

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  • 8 weeks
    The attacks on anime are ridiculous

    I am sorry about this blog, but anime as in japanese cartoons made in japan are under attack by western moral puritans, because it doesn't adhere to their moral standards. This strikes me as a very imperialistic mindset, not everyone has to adhere to our values.

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  • 14 weeks
    Help for Ravvij

    Ravvij, a good old friend of mine from the Barcast needs help. He is in financial jeopardy. I am going to provide a link to Flutterpriest's blog. since he can speak on the matter far more adequately than I ever could.

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  • 18 weeks
    Twilight's Big Book Loving

    A new Twibutt story, hope you enjoy. Has the usual Bendy flare. I made it alongside: FanOFAges.

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Any TV shows you regret watching? · 4:25pm June 7th

I can name two, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead. I plan never to watch anymore of these, and almost no any other new TV show.

Both of these shows I could describe as this: Hurr durrr, grim dark and edgy. Look at me! Look at me kids, I got a skateboard aren't I like cool and edgy? All the characters are immoral degenerates, and hurr durr moral gray. The only reason I got into the show Game of Thrones was due to peer pressure. I never re-watched an episode. It bloody boring. I write pony fan fiction about fat pony asses, I got finer tastes.

The Walking Dead I could describe as a soap opera with zombies. Hurr durr shouting, and the occasional zombie.

I rather rewatch MLP FIM forever and more or less never be bored. I get to see cute ponies with big fat asses.

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Jrarulez #1 · June 7th · · 1 ·

Teen Titans Go. I never watched MLP: FiM but I’d rather watch that than the Teen Titans ripoff

I rather rewatch MLP FIM forever and more or less never be bored

as is tradition

I'm gonna say something unpopular, but Friends.

I always thought it will suck, but I said "Hey, maybe I'm wrong, gotta try it to speak about it."

Never have I watched more unfunny sitcom in my life. For me it balances somewhere beetween boring and cringe. And, oh God, the laugh tracks...

An average episode of FiM has more faith in its viewer's maturity.

I regret watching the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. The Flash was good up till season 2 (arguably 3 and 4) but from then on it just became terrible. The final season/episode aired a few weeks ago (season 9) and it did not do the show justice. Sure it occasionally had it's good episode and moment but overall the quality of the show vastly declined.

As for legends, it was good up till season 3 but after that I just couldn't get invested anymore. Mainly due to the extreme shift in tone from somewhat taking itself seriously to basically a straight comedy with no substance behind it

Similar to GoT: the Battlestar Galactica remake. First season was great. Second one was good. Third one was kinda meh. Then there was a writers strike, they forgot half their own lore, didn't know how to end the series, and just made some shit up. The ending was a complete clusterfuck.

how can you be on this site yet never watched the show?

Meh…Got interested. I’m more interested in fan-made stories than the actual thing.

Fake Trek Discovery... it was such a insult to the other series

From what I’ve heard, it’s done much better than the…other generations. This is a given considering Lauren Faust was behind it (didn’t she have a hand in Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends?)

I grew up in that era and yeah... it was just another 90’s sitcom. Not a single “unattractive” person in sight, they were all models. The laugh tracks were the only answer to the cringe sitcom humour.

To answer the original question, I regret watching the Season 1 of Picard. Brutal. Torture. Imagine someone literally performing Cupcakes with no anaesthetic on a loved character who had been orphaned twice. (Remember, Icheb found his parents, only for them to drug him again and sacrifice him twice).

Bendy #14 · June 9th · · ·

Yeah, I could not stand that show. It was painful to watch.

Them pony butts are sexy.

Yeah, it's only kept alive mostly nostalgia.

Yeah, some times new writers might come in and just ruin the show, since they have no idea what they are doing.

I never watched that show, but I heard good things about it. At the time, I was totally obsessed with Futurama (still love it, but I love MLP Fim pony ass more)

There seems to be anti-fans making entertainment, which is very strange. They make a show/movie simply to get a reaction.

I was a little drunk... was not of solid mind.

Some of these new shows seem to be made by anti-fans. For some reason we have writers who want to do fan disservice.


Shows... no. But I sort of regret watching a movie called 'Natural Born Killers.' Not because it was bad (on the contrary, it was pretty decent), but because it was the only movie that managed to traumatize me in my teens (I probably would be fine watching it now, but...).

Looked it up briefly, it sounds good. However, I am tuning mostly out of what I describe as edgy content. The Walking Dead is a perfect example. Some of the things seen in that show would mess up your sleep schedule.

I mostly sticking to playing games (old games like Age of Empires 2 (I become hyper conservative in terms of gaming, playing the newer version AOE 2 DE but I don't want to play anything else mostly) and reading human x pony fan fiction for entertainment these days.



I mostly sticking to playing games (old games like Age of Empires 2) [...]

Makes two of us! I recently launched good old Starcraft Remastered and played for a while (I still suck at it though :rainbowlaugh:). Somehow I'm not in the mood for trying new stuff (Witcher 3 being an exception, but that game is not exactly super recent either).

You know it's funny... I remember how about ten years ago, I couldn't understand how some people said they lost interest in new games in their thirties. Well, now I know. Time really changes perspective :unsuresweetie:.

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