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Random MLP Thought · 5:03pm Feb 14th, 2023

Do you think changelings experience love hangovers the day after Hearts and Hooves Day?

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Maybe if they over-indulge?

Oh, most certainly

Quite possibly. Plus involuntary form transformations at the drop of a hat.

I bet it's more like the after Thanksgiving stupor

Ask Ocellus.

Hey! That could be a good slice of life story!

Huh I would say maybe I mean I'm sure they appear when it comes to Valentine's Day or Hearts and Hooves Day

I would say yes. Even if they don't intend to absorb love, if they're out in public there's probably so much residual love floating in the air it's probably as bad as forced radiation for them. :rainbowlaugh:

Depends I guess on a few factors.
Firstly, do changelings absorb ambient love or do they have to focus to collect? Also, is love their only food source or do they eat other things? Third, old changelings or happy hippy bugs?

Just finished reading through a WIP story based on Past Sins where Nyx got picked up by Queen Chrysalis instead of Twilight Sparkle. One thing in this what if world, Changelings are carnivores, love being important but not the sole foodstuff. Chrysalis at one point in an effort to explain her defeat at the wedding says that love is like water, every Ling needs it to survive, but a Tsunami can destroy a village.

Aside from a bit of LUS and minor typos, not a bad read. I will warn that they do put a fair amount of stupid on the pones, so if you're the type of reader who only wants happy endings this might not be for you.

No, but I imagine a round of lovemaking for a changeling would end in a food coma.

Though if I remember correctly, Chrysalis feeding off of Shining's love during the season two finale was enough for her to overwhelm Celestia. So who knows, a single well-placed changeling during Hearts and Hooves could achieve godlike powers. Or explode.

Nah, they get stomachaches.

Deep shower thoughts right here

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