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I read a crazy amount, I just made this so I can track the ones I want to return to :D

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Three new stallions show up in Ponyville. They all claim to be from a place called Earth, but they aren’t friends. Twilight must figure out how to keep them from killing each other, and somehow stay sane in the process.

This story is now complete, we hope you enjoy what was written and you can look forward to sequels for each of our respective characters in due time.

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When her already disconnected life becomes even more so at the hooves and fangs of a stranger Scootaloo does what she always does. Presses on. But when the changes in her life become too large to hide from the other ponies and especially her friends she is forced to leave everything she held dear behind. She goes through life alone, with a cold heart. But another exile stumbles into her life at the opportune moment, intent on helping her love again.

A/N: I'm looking for an artist, one that can draw fairly well, Altoid is good but I still need someone to help me because I suck at drawing on a computer, and I have an idea I want portrayed.

Chapters (6)
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