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The end has come..... my time is near..... I just have to do one more thing..... write.... one.... last..... letter.


A short story that I came up with out of the blue

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A collection of one-shots featuring all of your favorite ponies! Now, I have a way of choosing the next Pony Tale. Recently, I hosted a contest on the blog a little help here? The winner, in fact everyone who participated lol, gets to pick a story. The main ideas will come from my friend Midnight Demon. Check her out! she has but one story, but it is a good one. The others are, and you should check them out too: LunarPrince 369, LisaWolf, and oti9876. The basic ideas, the plots I'll write the stories around, will be theirs, but how they are played out are mine hehe. Enjoy the first tale, Nightmare.

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She is a masochistic fashionista. She is a reformed murderer. Can two ponies who have led two very different and dark lives come together and find the one thing everypony wants: true love? And when they do, can they overcome the challenges it presents?

my attempt at a Raripie fan-fic. It puts a little of everything in the story. Some characters will act like their tumblr alternates, but not all. Also, expect a lot of random chapters, meaning one will be epic fighting, the next slow romance, and so on. This story actually goes out to a friend of mine with whom gave me the idea for this story. Wesley Kagamine, if you are reading this, this story is for you.

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when Ponyville's own DJ PON3 moves to Manehatten and Fluttershy becomes a vet, the citizens of Ponyville are at a loss: now who's going to DJ their rap battles? Luckily our favorite unicorn sisters take up the turntables. Can they handle the challenge? Will they take the battles to new levels? Hilarity and odd situations pop up as familiar faces come back, but with odd personalities. Can Rarity and Sweetie Belle handle it? Will they
leave this challenge with sanity intact? Will Sweetie Belle finally get a cutie mark? find out!
first fic. asked the creator of the Epic Rap Battles of MLP if I could do this. there are some similarities, but I did make changes. enjoy! voting system and who appears in future chapters is the same though.

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