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I don't like the term brony, I perfer 'mentally obsessed with magical ponies'.

Planned Stories

Titile: My Little Parody: Freindship is Abriged
Genre: Comedy/Alternate Universe
Rated: Teen
Pretty much what the title says. I plan on re-writing MLP episodes in a comedic fashion.

Wanting to write: 100% / Motivation: Bucking none!

Title: Zero Hour
Genre:<pending>/ Anthro/ Alternate Universe
A re-imagining of the MLP Universe, with a Sci-Fi Twist

Title: What was a king to do?
Genre: <pending>
When given the choice whether to rule a corrupted and failing empire, or challenge fate to another throw-a better throw against ones own destiny. What was a king to do? But dose one ever truly have a choice? One can only match, move by move, the machinations of fate and thus defy the tyrannous stars.
The story is going to be an origin on how Sombra became the tyrant he was.

Latest Stories

  • TCarpe Diem
    Silver Sheild is injured during training, grounding him for several months. He decideds to go back to his hometown in hopes it will take off some stress. But R&R may not be what he finds.
    Beta Code · 8.6k words · 491 views

Cancellation notice · 8:07pm Dec 12th, 2013

I am sorry to announce that I have to cancel Carpe Diem.

I've been out of work ever since the recent government shut down here in the US (for anyone who may not live here), and I can feel my mental status is no longer up to par since then. I have no willing or wanting to work on the story, let alone any inspiration too , to be able even focus on it any more; in fact I actually had to force myself to write the little bit for the last chapter, then completely forgot to upload it.

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