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Turning thirty can bring out the worst in some ponies. Sweetie Belle just turned thirty and is not in the least happy about it. Add being single and having numerous ponies thinking she'll retire from the music scene just because of her age doesn't exactly help out. So in an attempt to show that the big 3-0 isn't as sucky as it seems, The Mane Six and Spike recount their own crazy thirtieths. Tales ranging from drunken princesses, Gummy, mountains of tissues, Las Pegasus, flying, a forced day off, and even a little romance.

Inspired by the show FRIENDS

I know the image a little weird, with the Korean letters and all, but it is literally all I could find with ALL the main cast partying and fitting the 1MB max requirement.

Editors: FluttershyisMetal, Unipegusus, and Angel_Bunny

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We all know the royal marriage of Shining Armor and Princess Cadance, but this story goes all the way back to when Cadance was still Twilight's foal sitter. From a simple crush, to young love, and everything in between. A love struck colt, a beautiful princess, and a friend ready to help. The road to love isn't always a simple one, but nothing safe is worth the drive.

Edited by FluttershyisMetal, metroid_freak, Angel_Bunny, and ajvasquezbrony28, four awesome guys willing to help with this story.

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