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Lately, it seemed like every time Sunburst sent her a letter, Twilight felt a big flurry of emotions. Her stomach got butterflies and all she could think about was spending time with him. But one day Starlight walks in as Twilight finishes reading a letter. This is quite distressing because she knows how much Sunburst means to her. How would Starlight possibly feel if Twilight liked Sunburst... Like that?

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Twilight hates her new wings, but when Rainbow Dash abruptly schedules her a flight lesson, she might just begin to see the enjoyment in them.

Heads up: Twidash ahead! Prepare your shipping implements!

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Twilight Sparkle never thought she would ever be interested in teaching. Her entire existance was spent devoted to the study of magic (and the avoidance of making friends). But everything changed after she hosted a presentation at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, the very same school she failed to enter as a foal.

Now she is in tiny Ponyville. A village just to the west of Canterlot. Small, quiet, and unassuming Twilight Sparkle is certain that it's the perfect place to learn how to teach. After all, nothing happens in small towns, right?

Unfortunately for Twilight, destiny works in strange ways, and the very fate of Equestria may depend on... Making friends?!

[ AU inspired by FallingRain22's piece, which is also the art for this pic for the time being http://fallingrain22.deviantart.com/art/AU-Mane-6-477312935 ]

(Made popular stories box on 7/18/15, thank you!)

(Edit 5/2020: Okay, last time I edit this description and then I'll let it be what it is. First and second chapter have been revised. Enjoy!)

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