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Lately, it seemed like every time Sunburst sent her a letter, Twilight felt a big flurry of emotions. Her stomach got butterflies and all she could think about was spending time with him. But one day Starlight walks in as Twilight finishes reading a letter. This is quite distressing because she knows how much Sunburst means to her. How would Starlight possibly feel if Twilight liked Sunburst... Like that?

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This needs a second 'date' chapter.

This is so cute :rainbowkiss:! This definetly needs a sequel! Once again, the ship was saved thanks to lesbians :trollestia:
As a hardcore StarBurst shipper myself, I don't see the need to attack someone because of their ship (come on! we are all grown ups here (I hope)) The only time I have a problem with it is when the author depicts either Starlight or Twilight, depending on the ship, in a bad way just to make the other one look better. I like what you did here! Just plain and simple romance, with no unnecessary drama, no pony gets hurt and everyone's happy! Good work!

This was a nice story. I don't have much constructive to say, though I did like the back and forth between Twilight and Starlight.
Thank you for posting.

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