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One thousand years ago, Nightmare Moon took control of Equestria, securing eternal night and, as a side effect, turning Equestria into a haven for goths, emos, even the occasional cultist or warlock (overly happy ponies and preppies still exist, but the decriminalization of murder makes them much less of a problem). But now the Mare in the Sun, Princess Celestia, has returned and threatens to end the night and replace it with a continuous cycle of night and day, because apparently Sunbutt can't make up her mind. Can Dark Tome and his new friends these losers that are following him stop Celestia, or will she succeed in returning peace and balance to the land?

Warning: discusses topics such as homocide, suicide, sororicide, genocide, and a least 8 or 9 other -cides, all occasions of which are played for laughs.

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Kujuta lives his life as a wanderer, feared by raiders and often hated by ponies due to his background as a war-era Zebra. When he meets Salsa, an enthusiastic pony who sees him as a hero, he joins him on a mission to save the ponies of Sunbeam Bay. But Blacktail's gang of pirates may not be the only danger to Kujuta: perhaps he has more to fear from himself.

Written for the Fallout: Equestria group's 500 member contest. It may appear to have more words than the limit, but that is due to this site. When shown in Gdocs or Word, it should be exactly 5000. Salsa is my character in the Turn of an Era roleplay group, and his origin story (actually about his mentor) can be found here.

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Raul has long since retired from the gunslinger business, however, a little orphaned foal and the infamous No-Face gang force him to take up his revolver one last time.

Written for this writing contest, also a prequel for a Roleplay a couple of my friends and I are doing, which may eventually be remade into a fic itself.

Update: I won! Oh my gosh, first place, I won! Thanks to all the judges and the Turn of an Era RP group.

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These stories use the same setting and characters as Fallout Equestria: Wild Wasteland. They are independent of the main plot, and often follow the escapades of individual party members and side characters from previous chapters.

The first story in this compilation, Hot Mess, received second place in the Fallout Equestria group's 300 member writing contest. The second also won third in the 600/700 member contest.

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