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After the ending of "MMMystery on the Friendship Express", Gustave le Grand takes great notice in the one mare who did NOT take a bite of the cake and also gave her part to solving the mystery and always kept her attitude at calm when others lost it.

What does this proud baker exactly feel and how is this mare unlike any pony he has ever met? And who says you can't have your cake and eat it, too? Especially when eating it means the start of an unlikely but very much wonderful friendship...

Author's Note: Ever since that 'MMMystery' episode aired, I had HOPED people would bring in some Gustave le Grand stories into this site the way we've been given some good PinkiexJoe ones. I mean, he's the second GRIFFIN to appear on the show since Gilda! Glad to be one of the first to make one! ;)

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Harmony has been restored in Equestria and all the ponies are happy and enjoying themselves, glad that Discord is gone. However, one certain pony pays the stone-imprisoned creature a visit, feeling the need to tell him there's more to life than chaos.

After all, how many of us had assumed Discord would receive the same fate as Nightmare Moon?

Prequel to Discordant Feelings.

Cover image by me, cartuneslover16 from Deviantart.

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When Fancypants had refused that invite to yet another garden party, everypony that knew him assumed he was just busy with simple Canterlot pony things.

Apparently, the pony everypony knew wasn't known well enough.

The thrill of adventure pounding in his heart (like a certain DARING pony we all know), Fancypants feels that exploring the Everfree Forest will be simple fun.

There were two things he didn't expect while adventuring through the forest:

1) A mysterious figure with turquoise eyes.

2) A beautiful yet fateful plant.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The cover picture was done by me. It had been made and posted in
my Deviantart account, cartuneslover16. I had made the picture
LONG before I made this story, but it had been finished around
the time my first story, Discordant Feelings, was still continuing
because I felt people who adored Fancypants would wonder how
exactly he and Zecora had met as hinted in my other story. :)

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Though the events of Discord are behind them, Twilight still thinks about the spirit of disharmony. Thoughts kept to herself, she realizes that some of the things she does remind her of him...and how she DOES miss him. Thoughts kept to herself, hiding it from her friends and even the princess, Twilight wonders what could have been if they never had turned Discord into stone. Would he still have been trouble? Would he have been someone able to be compatible with in time? Even Twilight wonders if his cotton candy clouds were actually as delicious as they seemed! Here's a story from the unicorn's perspective during many scenes from "Return of Harmony" as well as her opinions after the events.

*Okay, if anyone's wondering why Mordecai, or should we say BLONDECAI, from Regular Show is in the picture, it's because this is one of the pictures I made and posted on my Deviantart page cartuneslover16. I love doing crossovers, and for you to TRULY understand me in this thing I like to call the CARTUNE UNIVERSE, you're going to have to go to my gallery. :D

*My crossover story on DA, "Chaotic Order", is connected with this story. ;)

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