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Applejack is living happily with her siblings, parents, and grandmother in Ponyville. She has good friends, Rarity and Pinkie. But tragedy eventually comes for everypony. A previously unknown monster destroys the delicate peace in Applejack's life, leaving her broken and scarred. But, surely, there isn't anything else to be done.

Written for The Whodunnit? Youdunnit! Contest, hosted by the wonderful RB_, which ends the night of October 24th (EST). Write a story yourself! Speedwrite if you have to! (Or don't; goodness knows I couldn't.) Check out the other submissions as they are posted! Also, be sure to check out RB_'s Detective Rarity series if you haven't, which is a wonderful series of fun whodunnits. I had a lot of fun reading them as they came out. (Well, the latest one, I wasn't here for the first few.)

Content warning: Death, depictions of grief, brief depictions of characters worried about early-onset Schizophrenia in Chapter 1.

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Fluttershy is spending a day with her friends inside Sweet Apple Acres and decides to spend some time reading a romance novel and basking in the atmosphere. Her marefriend, Pinkie, steals a crossword to play with her.

Just a bit of Pinkieshy Fluff :pinkiehappy: Hope you Enjoy!

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Pinkie is interrupted while making Cupcakes for Lyra by Mrs. Cake, who is searching for her husband. Pinkie, however, has already promised Mr. Cake to keep his whereabouts secret for the surprise he is preparing. Mrs. Cake’s reaction prompts Pinkie to consider her relationships and herself. Again.

Set during season 2. Probably plays the teensiest bit loose with cannon.

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Fluttershy, while watching the conclusion of her friends’ date, contemplates love and Pinkie Pie. This is totally normal and not something worth reflecting on.

Pinkieshy and Rarijack fluff, cannon-typical Angel shenanigans

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