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I'm a mad man. I'm a man of honor. I'm a sociopath. I'm a brony. For all my conflictions, I'm pretty stable, though you'll probably call me insane. That's fine, I enjoy it. I'm just hear to write.

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Twilight Sparkle and her friends have been model Equestrian citizens for years. After finally reuniting with Twilight, their lives were given real meaning. They’d become heroes; Equestria’s protectors, but the girls have always had bigger plans for the kingdom. Now the wedding of Shining Armor draws near, everything is about to come out into the open. Of course, there will always be those whom resist.

Cover image rearranged to show up better. Proof-reader Tatsurou

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A rather strange and absentminded stallion has come out of nowhere, and broken into the royal castle. When he is easily apprehended for his crime of trespassing it is found that he is far more powerful than he first appears. It also seems he is even more impossible to contain. When finally he is found and confronted by the royal sisters he introduces himself as Chaos, and despite his name and power he seems to be a very calm and dignified stallion. That is until he reveals his origin, or rather, the origin of another, which leads to the immediate distrust of all.

Chaos insists that despite his past mistakes he intends to make good on his family's history, but Celestia "banishes" him to Ponyville. This way the wielders of the Elements of Harmony will be able to keep a close eye on him in case he's lying, but due to his dignified nature and relative charm Rarity comes comes to be close friends with him.

Will the trust of fair Rarity be enough to convince her friends of Chaos' innocence, or will this cause an irreparable rift between the closest of friends?

Author's note: pending rewrite of first two chapters. What the hell was I thinking?

Author's note : Semi-alternate universe: Discord was never reformed.

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It's been ten years since the end of her first career, and she had long since accepted it. At first she blamed all, especially the mare that upstaged her and exposed her as a fraud. It was for the better though. Now she was known as a mare of myth: The Mist Mare. Wherever she went a magic mist followed. She was now a protector. Everypony had heard of her now, and everypony respected her now...so why didn't she care? The fame and glory were all she once cared about, but now it seemed like a hollow victory of a contest that didn't exist. Throughout all the training, all the injuries she suffered, all the fights, she didn't feel as if it mattered that they loved her. She always appreciated it, but she could go without it. She contemplated the reason why, and finally found her answer. Now it was time to return to where it all began, where she would find the mare who started her on this path. It was time to show her what she'd become. This would be: Trixie's Triumphant Return!

Cover art by SpeccySY.deviantart.com he's a great artist and one of my favorites.

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