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New to the Pony Fandom. might write a chapter or two and forgot it entirely. and also: i am an artist.

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The first human to appear out of the blue was Claudia. Princess Twilight Sparkle and Starswirl the bearded aren't expecting for a human with tannish skin to appear out of nowhere and this lady don't appear to be magic at all. Claudia never seen mythical creatures exists but just in stories and movies, she pleaded to be sent home, but it took them three months to finally able to find a spell to bring back to where she came.

Alogn that three months, she grew fond with ponies, and other creatures she gotten to know. she decided to stay with the permission of both Twilight and Starswirl. She became the first human resident of Equestria.

But now, 4 years past, there were rumours of another sightings of humans not far from Ponyville.

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