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New to the Pony Fandom. might write a chapter or two and forgot it entirely. and also: i am an artist.


The first human to appear out of the blue was Claudia. Princess Twilight Sparkle and Starswirl the bearded aren't expecting for a human with tannish skin to appear out of nowhere and this lady don't appear to be magic at all. Claudia never seen mythical creatures exists but just in stories and movies, she pleaded to be sent home, but it took them three months to finally able to find a spell to bring back to where she came.

Alogn that three months, she grew fond with ponies, and other creatures she gotten to know. she decided to stay with the permission of both Twilight and Starswirl. She became the first human resident of Equestria.

But now, 4 years past, there were rumours of another sightings of humans not far from Ponyville.

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Once there was a human, appearing in the middle of the old Ponhenge where The Pillars once emerged. Starswirl the Bearded and the new Equestria royalty, Princess Twilight greeted the new human into their lives until they can figure out how to bring her back. The Mirror Portal is no use since wherever this human came from it wasn't from there, but from another resources that they had doubt it was Discord. They tried their best to do more studies to how this human came and what other magical forces could have done this.

So she appeared at the same time as starswirl?

Years past Claudia showed courage and fought battles alongside the Equestrians, her voice shone across the Equestrian maps, guiding a peace relationship between creatures and for a human with no powers, she gained one under the Tree of Harmony - what's left of its power - she is now the beholder of Peace Amulet. Claudia the Peace was named by Princess Twilight, she showed courage to step up and stop multiple problems in Equestria in most of her years, giving speeches and solutions to end wars between creatures.

What’s the peace amulet?

Claudia the Peace grew stronger and louder in helping Princess Twilight in some matters of problem. Beyond that she grew into a lady with passions for farming and scroll writings, learning more about the new world she decided to call Home.

Will we get information about her old home?

"It was sighted in the Everfree forest. With the occurring disappearances of Earth Ponies and Unicorns in Ponyville and Winsome Falls," Gallus responds, "I think we need Claudia The Peace to come and investigate, if I may suggest, Princess?"

They’re eating ponies?

Claudia stayed temporarily in Twilight's old Castle who now home to the now Headmare of the Friendship school, Starlight Glimmer. Ever since she received magic from the Tree of Harmony, she has gotten used to practising magic and also scroll writing after taking a lot of tutoring from Sunburst.

What kind of magic can she do?

Well, for now, the only thing she ever tried to stop a war is just between Griffons themselves over the new lands they founded and just had non-agreeable moments. Took her hot temper to stop a loud fight between large bird-lions.

Will we get to see the new land?

I have sent Gallus and the rest of the guards to help you to investigate where these "humans" were sighted. They also will be bringing the witness to give more details of the incident.

Why did she say human like that?

As you read this, I will be away to Maretonia for an urgent meeting. I hope I received news from you.

What’s Maretonia?

In disbelief, she read it again. Chills down her spine to the word ‘Humans’; she grit her teeth in hoping this was a joke and knows Twilight Sparkle is bad at making jokes.

Why is she upset?

Quickly she ran towards her room to pack and open up her safe to grab her Peace Amulet from the Tree of Harmony. The amulet wields magic only she can perform like the Elements of Magic that Twilight and her friends used to wear.

You mean only twilight?

After she finished packing she just picked up her cloak, dashing straight to the front door when she heard the knock. She knew it was Gallus and the witness arriving at the door.

What does she need a cloak for?

"Yes, Ma'am!" Gallus points to the other guards and they fly off and ready for flight, Claudia unable to fly has to take a ride with Gallus on his back.

Gallus is that strong?

Sorry about the long comment, but I feel like information got shoved into my head too quickly.

OH... Oh geez that's a lot. Okay first of all thank you the comment. I love it. ahhaha,, would you believe this is all just pop in my head an i just wrote this fiction out of my whim without actualy plan?? but as i finished chapter

okay to answer the questions (also wow i didn't know you can actually take a quote from the story and do that):

1) Actually no, She appeared Probably a few more years after the pillars reemerged (she is in the time at the end of Season 9, imagine like 2 months after the whole end episodes)

2) I imagine a peace amulet being only used for peace related stuff, i don't know how to explain because I didn't think this through much thought the purpose of Peace Amulet is just a symbol for Claudia being someone who just never liked war and such and she tried to solve any deal before things gets ugly, she can stop anypony fights as soon as possible and do some couseling. Sorry, maybe i will try my best to do more story based on the amulet.

3) I plan to make a Prequel for that once this Story is over.

4) No. You will know in next Chapter

5) With the amulet, she basically only can do lifting things, transportation spell, barrier spell and tiny spell that don't require too much energy,

6) Maybe in a few chapters, or in the Prequel. :) I will see which works better to show them lands. (i need to study more on Equestria maps )

7) Because she was unsure, if it really humans, might be just a wild imaginations like maybe its another creature... probably Bigfoots. (Since Yeti exists in that world)

8) If I'm right it's one of the lands in Equestria who only appeared once in the series. I forgot which episode but it's that one episode Where twilight sing with the princessses "You'll Play your part" song. :derpyderp1:

9) 4 years living in pony lands, you might just have pretend you are a pony yourself. She honestly anxious with the words Humans and she couldn't handle being with human ((she is a bit of a biganti social at hom but in Equestria she changed) Though when she got this news she was feeling 50/50 on it.

10) This was a sentence error that i sadly didn't realize it was wrongfully arranged. The peace amulet is just something SIMILAR to what Twilight and her friends used to wear but this one is different entirely from that Elements of Harmony. Hope you understand what im saying but can ask a bit more i love answering questions and like make notes of my writing mistakes. :D

11) because She love Starburst and Starswirl's cloak and she really think it's cool. she just wants to look cool.

12) I imagine Griffon's all are strong and can carry heavy things if they want to. If a pony can carry carriages or heavy bags on their backs Griffons could carry a single (who maybe not too heavy) human on their back. LOL.

I hope i answered your questions properly. you can ask me again. I am happy to answer!

Also Chapter 2 is coming so there's that.

Wow, interesting.

Yea. You can actually take quotes.

5. Oh. So just basic things.

8. Really?

9. Biganti?

10. So it’s similar, but different from the elements?

11. What does her cloak look like, then?

12. So I’m guessing Gallus is smaller than her?

Is the chapter coming out anytime soon?


5) yes Basic things


10) YES. very diffferent. it doesn't do like big stuff the elements of harmony does but they actually havent actually look at the potential yet. Who knows it does act the same as the elements?

11) OOoo Imagine Sunburst's cloak but uglier. (rarity might cry seeing how ugly it is)

12) I imagine Gallus is like as big as a puma.

CHAPTER 2 is ready to publish right now but i might not doing that yet, i have to re read everything, then maybe in three hours i'll post them. :pinkiehappy:

10. What are some similarities and what are some differences?

11. So I’m guessing it’s probably one plain color?

12. Ohh.

Oh ok

10) well, the only thing similarities this Peace Amulet is from the tree of harmony's essences i imagine for years the tree of harmony really just grow around instead just one place as a student's clubhouse. The peace amulet can be use slightly as a weapon like how Elements of Harmony works?

11) yes one plain color and just have tiny outline stars with no color.

10. Based on the question mark at the end I’m guessing you’re not 100% sure?

11. That’s kinda gonna be hard to imagine.

10) yes. :fluttercry: like i think i said before... This was written out of the blue. The amulet thing i still figuring out its whole story.

11) i probably will someday just draw it out to get a good picture on how she dress with the cloak someday.

10. So the only similarity is that they come come from the tree of harmony?

11. That might be a good idea.


10) yes.

11) maybe when i have time to sketch out one, i'll add some a little pic on the chapter.

10. What about differences?

11. Cool


10) the difference the peace amulet and the elements of harmony itself, is that this thing just looks like a locket with a small ruby on it rather than a necklace like how elements of harmony stuff looks like ((looking like the mane 6's cutiemarks)

In the cover art for this behind the girl (which is Claudia) thats how the Peace amulet looks like.

Yup, that definitely looks like a peace necklace. So is that the only differences?

Well there's also the thing the amulet acted like how the cutiemap calls for friendship problems? The amulet would blink like a car on alarm for Peace problem.

Is that all the differences between the elements and the amulet?

Yep. Hope i dont disappoints you with my answers. :fluttercry:

It’s alright. Thanks for answering them.

Claudia looked around with the other guards for more clues, "Seems like whoever was attacking this campsite also stole some of the appliances and clothes these ponies bring," Gallus reported, showing Claudia a ripped cloth,

They wear clothes?

"You're right. Oooh, I hoped these ponies here are alright this is frustratingly sad," Claudia muttered as she looked around at the devastating campsite, "If what we heard is true, and if humans here we need to find the ponies soon," she added as she looked at Gallus.

Is she that worried?

Five cloaked figures circling the fire chowing the meat they have made from a rabbit and deers. Laughing, talking about whatever they have experienced in this new land.

Where do they keep getting these cloaks from? Are they on sale?

They talk about going back to their other camp as soon as they have done with their meals.

Other camps?

They have released the ponies, and two royal guards escorted the six ponies back home to be healed from whatever pain they endured while the other stayed with Claudia to interrogate the five humans. Claudia is excited to finally see other humans around, though she has jobs to do by asking them other questions,

Wasn’t she worried not that long ago?

"So like, how are you guys even here? Is it because of the blue lights? Please tell me you guys came here from a blue light," they nodded, "We can't remember how but the only thing we remember is seeing a flash of blue light emerge to wherever each one of us is then we woke up to be here. Well not here per se, we dropped into some old ruins beyond this land,"

Why is she asking them that?


1) it's that type of ponies that wear shirts and all so there were clothes i guess larger than humans' clothes.

2) yeah sort of. Just a little worried.

3) Lmao more like they sew themselves out of materials they attacked. Maybe just used materials out of tents.

4) next chapter will have another part about this.

5) she was until she knows the ponies now are safe again and now she can focus on the humans that she couldn't believe exist in front of her eyes. She have mixed feelings though.

6) she just want to reconfirm if they actually came by like she did years ago.

6. Does it matter how they got there?


6) it matters to her and she have to make reports about it too for information to give to Princess Twilight.

Ohh. Is that why she was hoping they got there from a blue light.

To make filling the report out easier?


Im guessing Claudia ever since stayed in Equestria and being the only human there she do have make reports for each time she solve a problem to Twilight and this one might be her biggest report yet.

O yea. The story did mention something like that, didn’t it?

In Twilight's scroll to Claudia in first chapter. Yep.


Well Twilight ask Claudia to just pass her the news only not actual reports thats going to need more than just one book report. Though she would just be give report to Twilight face-to-face when she meet her in Canterlot.

Oh ok. Now I get it.

Hope i still help you with my very scrambled up story. I always scared people wont understand my writing or storyline.

Though im grateful for someone like you to come by and ask me questions. Never had people come to whatever i write and ask these questions.

Thank you

You’re welcome

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