• Published 22nd Feb 2021
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Equestrians and...Humans? - 12ofSeeds

What if humans appeared in Equestria with no rhyme or reason? Just there.

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Chapter 1

Author's Note:

This is really my first time to ever interested in writing fanfiction, and also back to writing fiction stories. It's been years since i last ever written anything this lots. I hope this is so far fine and makes sense, then again English is not my first language. Nobody's perfect, correct?

This is an idea that i have been kept in my head for to long when i first in the fandom..... 2 months ago. Yes, i'm new in the fandom that took me after 7 years to be interested in watching MLPFim.

Anyway, tldr; I would love a feedback even if it's about my grammar or my storyline. I'm just having fun with this. I don't know how many chapters this might be. Thank YOu. on with the story!

Once there was a human, appearing in the middle of the old Ponhenge where The Pillars once emerged. Starswirl the Bearded and the new Equestria royalty, Princess Twilight greeted the new human into their lives until they can figure out how to bring her back. The Mirror Portal is no use since wherever this human came from it wasn't from there, but from another resources that they had doubt it was Discord. They tried their best to do more studies to how this human came and what other magical forces could have done this.

Though they manage to find a spell to let this human back, though it has been three months she stayed and everypony knew her by name, that is Claudia. She grew accustomed to Equestrian life, she decided to permit herself to stay and never return to the world she once came.

Years past Claudia showed courage and fought battles alongside the Equestrians, her voice shone across the Equestrian maps, guiding a peace relationship between creatures and for a human with no powers, she gained one under the Tree of Harmony - what's left of its power - she is now the beholder of Peace Amulet. Claudia the Peace was named by Princess Twilight, she showed courage to step up and stop multiple problems in Equestria in most of her years, giving speeches and solutions to end wars between creatures.

Claudia the Peace grew stronger and louder in helping Princess Twilight in some matters of problem. Beyond that she grew into a lady with passions for farming and scroll writings, learning more about the new world she decided to call Home.

Another year later, another news came to Canterlot.

"What?" exclaimed Twilight.

"It was sighted in the Everfree forest. With the occurring disappearances of Earth Ponies and Unicorns in Ponyville and Winsome Falls," Gallus responds, "I think we need Claudia The Peace to come and investigate, if I may suggest, Princess?"

"That's an excellent idea, Gallus. Please prepare a few guards to follow Claudia to where you said they are sited," ordered Princess Twilight.

Gallus bowed and made his way out of the throne room. Princess Twilight looks at Spike who has been with her all the time and begins writing a scroll and fires it away to Ponyville.


Claudia stayed temporarily in Twilight's old Castle who now home to the now Headmare of the Friendship school, Starlight Glimmer. Ever since she received magic from the Tree of Harmony, she has gotten used to practising magic and also scroll writing after taking a lot of tutoring from Sunburst.

She's handling most peace treaties and visiting places that need a peacemaker. Her job is not easy but as the only adult human species to ever set foot on Equestria some ponies and creatures don't take her seriously but with full guidance from Princess Twilight and Starlight, she gets up to her feet and stops whatever war is about to break between creatures.

Well, for now, the only thing she ever tried to stop a war is just between Griffons themselves over the new lands they founded and just had non-agreeable moments. Took her hot temper to stop a loud fight between large bird-lions.

Claudia just finished her scroll practice, cleaning up the library and surprised by the scroll popping up in front of her as she climbed up on a ladder to one of the shelves and fell.

"Oooh, my back," she groans, kind of grateful for she fell on one of the beanies in the library. She picks up the scroll that fell to her head.

"A scroll from Princess Twilight?"

Immediately she unties the scroll and reads the contents :

Dear, Claudia.

I have urgent news for you to hear. You know about the story of missing ponies around the lands. Just earlier today, another pony from Ponyville went missing from their home. They were camping at Winsome Falls before they were attacked.

There is a witness.

They said they saw…. Two-legged creatures that resemble you.


I have sent Gallus and the rest of the guards to help you to investigate where these "humans" were sighted. They also will be bringing the witness to give more details of the incident. As you read this, I will be away to Maretonia for an urgent meeting. I hope I received news from you.


Twilight Sparkle.

In disbelief, she read it again. Chills down her spine to the word ‘Humans’; she grit her teeth in hoping this was a joke and knows Twilight Sparkle is bad at making jokes.

Quickly she ran towards her room to pack and open up her safe to grab her Peace Amulet from the Tree of Harmony. The amulet wields magic only she can perform like the Elements of Magic that Twilight and her friends used to wear.

After she finished packing she just picked up her cloak, dashing straight to the front door when she heard the knock. She knew it was Gallus and the witness arriving at the door.

The guards saluted her as she opened the door, Gallus bowed and introduced Claudia to the witness.

"These things I saw looked like you with two hands and legs, and they attacked us like we're wild animals, chained us but I escaped," the light yellow with grey-haired earth stallion said, " I don't know who to talk I ran straight to Princess Twilight for advice and so she asked to go to you," he continued.

Claudia thinks before looking at the witness pony again, "...so they took your friends, at the Winsome falls?"

"Yes, m'lady. All I can see while running away they ran straight to the deep forest of Everfree and disappeared,"

Claudia thinks hard before thanking the pony in front of her, "Then the first place we need to investigate is the Winsome Falls where they last saw them, let's hope we found what we're looking for."

"Yes, Ma'am!" Gallus points to the other guards and they fly off and ready for flight, Claudia unable to fly has to take a ride with Gallus on his back.

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