• Published 22nd Feb 2021
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Equestrians and...Humans? - 12ofSeeds

What if humans appeared in Equestria with no rhyme or reason? Just there.

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Chapter 2

Author's Note:

Please leave a feedback if there's something you don't understand in today's chapters, or you saw an error to my writing. but so far Enjoy this second chapter!

The grounds on Winsome Falls leaves little trace of what's missing, there were tents on the nearby waterfalls where the acclaimed missing ponies were reported. The campsite was demolished, what the witness said they fought before they were tied up and brought away.

Claudia looked around with the other guards for more clues, "Seems like whoever was attacking this campsite also stole some of the appliances and clothes these ponies bring," Gallus reported, showing Claudia a ripped cloth, "You're right. Oooh, I hoped these ponies here are alright this is frustratingly sad," Claudia muttered as she looked around at the devastating campsite, "If what we heard is true, and if humans here we need to find the ponies soon," she added as she looked at Gallus.

"Don't worry, Miss Claudia, we will find them," Gallus assured.

Claudia gave him a tiny smile until they got a shout from one of the guards, "Lady Claudia, Gallus! We found something!" one of the Pegasus guards flutters by and leads them to a trail that leads to a small forest that is connected to the Everfree forest. There were footprints. Shoes and hooves planted to the ground, Claudia checked and matched her feet with the prints on the side, they are slightly bigger than hers. Her heart sank but with both hope and worries, she turned around to the others.

"I hate to say it but, the prints are none other than human boots or shoes." She grinned awkwardly.

"Miss Claudia, so are you saying there IS another human?" Gallus questioned.

"No doubt about it and by the looks of these prints it is still new and what the witness said is true, then then there’s no time to lose! We must find the ponies and the humans as soon as possible!" exclaimed Claudia, without hesitation climbed on top of Gallus and they both flew off into the sky, looking around for other clues.

They flew and kept looking around in the vast forest of Everfree until they saw a cloud of smoke coming from beyond two mountains of Everfree.

Gallus and Claudia both pointed at the guards to the location they saw, the guards flew past them with their spears, Gallus swooped down the the guards after.

The fire crackles as new logs were added to the pit, smells of burned meats whiffed the air. There were six ponies on leashes and most of them got their mouth tight shuts, trembling at the sight they are seeing.

Five cloaked figures circling the fire chowing the meat they have made from a rabbit and deers. Laughing, talking about whatever they have experienced in this new land. They talk about going back to their other camp as soon as they have done with their meals.

Before the five figures could finish their meals, they were ambushed by the royal guards. The ponies arise from their fears, raising their hooves, happy they are finally saved.

"What the-" one of them yelled.

One of the figures pulls out his gun to one of the guards and ready to pull the trigger until he stops and trembles.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN?! SHOOT THEM!" One of the figures in the blue cloak shouted.

"I can't-!" The other replied, shaking.

"I do this my-"

"ENOUGH!" a voice shouted from above, Gallus descended and dropped Claudia and her amulet was glowing and so her eyes.

The five cloaked figures were shocked to see what's in front of their eyes, they lowered their weapons and looked around as the rest of the guards helped the rest of the ponies.

"Hey! That's our ri-" The blue cloak guy trying to stop the guards but only to be greeted with the tip of the spear from the other.

"Stand down, Guards. Let me handle this,"

Claudia took a stand and just removed her cloak, raising her two hands, "I don't have anything on my hands and nor is my 'men'" Claudia made an air quote signal as she implies the royal guards,the guards pulls their spears back in the upright position but still on guards for potential threats, "Please, put your weapons down and let's have a normal conversation," her amulet glows slowly, the five figures looked at her amulet before looking up at her, the two men put away their guns and stay alert as well.

"Are you guys, really humans?" she asks.

"Are you?" the blue cloak person asked back.

Claudia nodded and smiled.

They have released the ponies, and two royal guards escorted the six ponies back home to be healed from whatever pain they endured while the other stayed with Claudia to interrogate the five humans. Claudia is excited to finally see other humans around, though she has jobs to do by asking them other questions, "So like, how are you guys even here? Is it because of the blue lights? Please tell me you guys came here from a blue light," they nodded, "We can't remember how but the only thing we remember is seeing a flash of blue light emerge to wherever each one of us is then we woke up to be here. Well not here per se, we dropped into some old ruins beyond this land,"

"Just like me four years ago," Claudia mutters.

"Oh honey, that's so long. We all got here only about 4 months ago, we slowly moved to a better place to stay and found this lush environment," said the lady.

"Oh, at least you didn't catch yourself surrounded by Cockatrices." Gallus exclaimed, "This place is surrounded by dangerous creatures!"

The five of the men just stare at Gallus, they still haven't gotten used to hearing animals speak, "Let me tell you, they are not animals. They speak. Just like us. Walks like us. Gosh, I can give you a speech about this for a long time… but as the Peacemaker of this nation, I have to bring all of you to Canterlot, where you will be questioned by the Princess-"

"Hold up, girl. Why are we even listening to you, how do we know you're not just these Mythical creatures in disguise?" exclaimed the old man.

"Because SIR. I know a lot of things where I came from and they-" waving her hands around to Gallus and the rest of the guards, " - haven't seen a single human before until I dropped in and they don't even own a cellphone!

"I have 10 fingers and toes, most creatures here have FOUR, and I only have less hair while these ponies and griffons have coats or fur... feathers?" she looks at Gallus as if she just noticed what kind of coats even Gallus have then shakes them off before continues,

"Again, CELLPHONES. that word you can't make them up out of whim."

The old man just shuts his lips, huffing, "We can't follow you,"

Claudia blinks, "Why not?"

The five looked at each other and sighed,

"We're not the only ones."

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