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A story, told before Nightmare Night. A story about magical caves, gold, candy, and of course, cake.

This is my first crack at fanfiction in quite a while. Decided I'd do something just a tad-bit silly. The aim of this fic is to be a parody of your general horror story where a less than intelligent character gets in trouble and his friend (as the character is usually a male) goes to try to rescue him, as the protagonist.

Partly inspired by "The Cave", a story on creepypasta created by Archfeared/Ethan I. All credits go to Hasbro for the assets borrowed from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show. This includes characters, settings, backgrounds, races, magic, and all that good stuff.

I'd also like to credit the cover image to Sulyo and a lot of the work put into editing this steaming pile of crap into something mildly readable goes to the loveable ball of crazy known to me as WinterTwister.

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The single stupidest thing you will ever read, a story that manages to take every single reference it can and suck the life out of them like a starved bat-pony.

Includes cameos from Winter Twister (creator of Purple/Blue Skies), Waffles of TheWaffler, Jolttix, as well as a brief usage of Skyward Flame, attributed to Wayofthepen... And some others. If you take any of this seriously in any respect, I pity you. I know I didn't.

Strong language is used, so if you have any aversion to words like "Fuck" or "Shit", you have been officially warned. Also, this was released before the ban on "circle jerk" fics, so please don't taze me.

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