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    Heyo people!

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    Hello, good people who are here, if you are here.

    I'm still figuring out FIMFiction but thanks for the support on my stories, I couldn't appreciate it more. I have some short projects in the making that I plan to post on here when I'm done but for now, my only ongoing story is Parallel which I plan on updating once a week, starting with Chapter 4 onwards. I don't think anyone cares very much because I'm new to this site but I will try to space out my updates. Thank for reading this :)

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I'm a student and school gets pretty busy. You can call me Faith or Wiki if you want and I can and will fangirl like an absolute nerd from time to time, don't freak out. I can write gore and curse like nobody's business so don't be worried if you see me lurking on mature stories. I won't write anything sexually explicit, although it may be implied. All things will come with a content warning if necessary :)

[autistic, loading....] please be patient with me, I might misunderstand things

side note: I have a tendency to write about minor or background characters for some reason, maybe because there is so little canon information about them which gives me a lot of freedom. Anyhow, I'm willing to write about the main characters too, although they might appear less frequently in my stories. I also usually write EqG because it's more in my comfort zone. That, however, doesn't mean that I'm not willing to write FiM. I take suggestions for story ideas and would love some constructive criticism. Maybe one day I'll do requests or commissions, no promises.

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02. · 3:25pm Dec 27th, 2019

Heyo people!

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