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What if things hadn't turned out the way they did? What if the Young Six were never found? With six kingdoms at unease, it would only be too easy to paint each other in a bad light. Accusations flew and with the distrustful spark, things soon escalated. Realizing their mistake, the Young Six returned to their own kind, resigned to never see each other again. However, this was not enough to stop the war. Something saw this chaos that had overcome all of the lands and was pleased. It has been long forgotten why the war started but it continues to rage, built on all the lies mistrust that has been spread.

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I based this off the song by FOB but the one by the offspring is an absolute jam too

jeez i dunno who left that thumbs down and i'm glad i got feedback but i'd love to know how i can improve too? don't suppose you'll read this comment tho but I guess thanks for the read if you're here?

I legit liked and faced this just for the name now I'm gonna check it out

Holy this is darker then nightmare moons coat

Is it bad like really bad I'd want to make a alt to this fic of the young 6 still in the war but fighting to protect each other and end the war?

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