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01. · 8:43am Dec 12th, 2019

Hello, good people who are here, if you are here.

I'm still figuring out FIMFiction but thanks for the support on my stories, I couldn't appreciate it more. I have some short projects in the making that I plan to post on here when I'm done but for now, my only ongoing story is Parallel which I plan on updating once a week, starting with Chapter 4 onwards. I don't think anyone cares very much because I'm new to this site but I will try to space out my updates. Thank for reading this :)

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Your problem isn't because of a lack of caring but a lack of exposure. Try these groups out and use them to promote your works:

The Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau
The Share Center
I Just Want A Comment
Please Read My Story

Be sure to use the forum in the groups to do any promoting, otherwise it won't be seen in everypony else's feed.

Thank you so much for the advice :) I'll go check the groups out

Welcome then mate. Happy to lend a hand if you'd like any help editing or proofreading.

You're welcome. :twilightsmile:

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