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02. · 3:25pm Dec 27th, 2019

Heyo people!

Figured I'll make a post before 2020, just for the sake of it. I'll update Parallel one more time this year and the chapter is a little weird but it'll work out eventually, I promise. School is starting soon and I'll get really busy and even now, as I start studying for the new year, there's a visible decrease in the quality of my writing so I am considering updating once every 2 weeks or 10 days or something like that. I don't want the quality of the content to drop that much and writing 1k a day is a bit hard with my parents limiting my screen time. (actually, they're shouting at me right now to get off my laptop oops) Other than that, The Kids Aren't Alright has two chapters out and.... damn, it be flopping. I appreciate the constructive criticism and I can't stop anyone from disliking it but I honestly can't improve the story if you don't tell me how to. I know that I need to make it better but I don't know how, a dislike isn't going to tell me if it's the characterization or the weird descriptions or an inconsistent and unrealistic plotline or whether or not the idea sucks so much that I should just abandon it. I wrote it as a request for a friend and I thought I'd post it here too because some people might like it and it is apparent that nobody really does. I am not forcing anyone to like it but I really want to at least attempt to improve or know what to do for any piece I write in the future. As a budding writer, I have to rely on others' feedback to improve as I am not skilled enough to fix things that I deem publishable.

TL;DR - dislike my work all you want, just give me reasons so that I can become a better writer.

That's it from me, see ya next year probably :)

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