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Trying to get my life together.

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Sorry I didn't get back to ya sooner, but yeah. I am planning to finish/continue the stories I have out, as well as write more later on. I honestly lost all of my motivation, and had to pause everything here. However, on the bright side, I've been feeling better and I'm trying to apply myself more often on these stories and get at least something done. It still might take a few weeks but I really am going to try. Again, sorry for basically ghosting you and everyone here, just been really busy and had a lack of motivation, on top of a writer's block.

The answer might still be the same since last I asked, but are you still planning to write more stories or continue to write your current ones?

Story recommendation, “Surviving Sand Island” by The 24th Pegasus.

Oooh, thank you for sharing that with me, it looks really interesting!

  • Viewing 44 - 48 of 48
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