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When his friend Wispy Nimbus asks for his help Royal Guard Idol Hooves (not a Changeling) happily obliges. He is not exactly sure what a Hearth's Warming Calendar is but, Wispy assures him, it is for a noble cause.

Wispy would never lie to him, now would she? She wouldn't possibly have a secret agenda? An unscrupulous motive or dastardly intention? She would never, knowingly, manipulate her good friend, now would she?

Merry Christmas all! A funny, stupid, vaguely Christmas-themed short story for your consumption!

Art Credit: from my good friend crazeguy! used with his permission!

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For some time now the Bat Pony Nightguard Mothchaser has nursed an infatuation on one Idol Hooves. A sterling example of all Unicorn Stallions (as far as Mothchaser was concerned) and prominent member of the Royal Guard. Tonight she would finally take the bold move from secretly watching him from afar to secretly slipping messages to him at night.

However, as she begins her nightly delivery, Mothchaser stumbles upon a secret that is going to make her wish that she had never gone out after dark in the first place.

Set in vdrake77's "Changeling of the Guard" story, this is a short and completely non-canon snippet starring poor Mothchaser.

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It was a well-known and established fact that all Ponies have a special talent, a unique and intrinsic calling that they will discover in time. For Idol Hooves, Unicorn Royal Guard, this was no different, no different at all. For he was a perfectly ordinary, normal and unsuspicious in the least Pony. Certainly it wasn't as if he was a Changeling in disguise, oh no, that would be ridiculous!
Despite his name Idol had always had a talent with his hooves, a way with them. He'd most utilized this in the art of pottery but at the prompting of others he tries to apply those same skilled hooves to the art of the massage. Surely nothing strange could come of that?

A short bit of fanfiction I made on the Changeling of the Guard Discord and then was told should publish. Please remeber to check the actual story that inspired this: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/174129/the-changeling-of-the-guard

Chapters (2)
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