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Once upon a time, ponykind's leadership heard a roar. Unable to uncover its secrets, they waited patiently, hoping for an answer that never came, and the event was forgotten, the sole proof locked in the deepest corners of the Canterlot dungeons. A thousand winters have passed, and now, at long last, the Equestrians are ready to dig up those oldest of tales; the waiting game is over. Now... now, it is time to discover why the universe has never talked back.

This is a side project of mine, so expect sporadic updates.

Big thanks to HiddenEntity for help with brainstorming this story, its themes and plot!

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It is no secret that threats, both internal and external in nature, have plagued Equestria since times immemorial. And since times immemorial, heroes protected ponykind from danger, ensuring that the peaceful utopia and the Magic of Friendship would thrive.

Ultimately however, it was no threat that brought about the planet's end. It was no threat at all.

Amid the ruins of ponykind's greatest achievements, and in the middle of a century once promised to be so very great, the last surviving stallion attempts to recollect his thoughts, while struggling to keep his sanity firmly in check.

"Some things just happen... unforseen, I guess. Unpredictable. Unavoidable."

Designed for and best read in Dark Mode!

All comments are welcome for a struggling author!

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The world is in shambles. All worlds are in shambles.

When in nothing short of a miracle a soldier in a united galaxy's war for survival stumbles upon a peculiar planet inhabited by equines with incredible abilities, he and his associates are determined to do whatever they can to turn the tide of their own war. But as they spend more and more time on the surface, some things there may turn out... not as foreign as they might have imagined. And not nearly as friendly.

And these poor officials are going to have a really hard time filling immigration forms of a goddamn horse.

Featured on 04/13/2020! Thank you so much! :twilightsmile:

Featured again on 05/27/2020! You wouldn't believe how much this means to me!

Editor of the first chapter: Mind Jack

Just a quick disclaimer: this IS NOT a crossover. The universe MLP interacts with here is entirely my own creation. More and more of the lore will be gradually unfolded as the story progresses.

The Alternate Universe tag is not there because, despite the changes in how magic works (most prominently the dreamscape), this is no 'alternate universe' - it's canon with small adjustments, and I ultimately decided to remove the tag as it only served to unnecessarily confuse people.
More tags will be added as the story progresses.

Also, this is my first fic, so I can't say it won't have issues. As such however, any form of feedback is greatly appreciated, be it positive or negative.

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