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The Truth of Chaos

A simple writer, drawer, animator, wanting to make his place in the world. I am the Truth of Chaos, and I hope you will enjoy any writings I create.

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"Later... Bro..."

As Kamina drew his final breath and closed his eyes one final time, he knew then that even his fighting spirit could not hold off the end that greeted him. He hoped that Simon would soon learn to truly believe in himself and find his way without him, as the sound of rain pattered on his own mech Gurren was the last he heard before darkness surrounded him.

And he told himself that he accepted that.

Then why did he want to open his eyes so badly?


This story follows the plot of season one of the anime of Gurren Lagann, but uses the second movie in place of the second series. Any links you see on this work of fiction I suggest you open in a new tab/window. This is my first crossover and I hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to like!

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Discord, fed up with the treatment he has already been through for a number of millennia, manages to find Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis's dream connections. He decides it's time for revenge, and plans a meeting for a diabolical plan.

Needless to say, they don't work well together when they actually succeed.

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Part One of "The Reasoning" Trilogy.

How was the draconequus known as "Discord" created? Thanks to Spike's childish persistence, Twilight gets the chance to find answers, but what she finds is like nothing what she, or anypony else expected.

Join Twilight and Spike as they find the truth to the creation of Discord, to a time before even Luna and Celestia were brought to this world, and how a simple prankster pony, a power hungry king, a curious scientist, and many others, link towards the great Draconequus.

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