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Fifteen years after the Lone Wanderer crippled the Enclave and brought clean water to the Capital Wasteland, the Brotherhood continues the war of attrition against the Enclave. Bryan Wilks, brought into the Brotherhood under unfortunate circumstances, joins the assault on the Plantation, a Vault turned Enclave lab. When he and his squad are captured and disposed of by being thrown through a prototype teleporter, he and a few other less/more significant guys end up in Equestria. Hilarity does not necessarily ensue. But it does. Takes place after Equestria Girls but before S4.

AN: This is like, my third not-crackfic story (I mean there's comedy and it's not completely serious but it's not that crazy), so I guess that means release the hounds when it comes to criticism. I write, you feed my ego. Please feed my ego.

A [img]http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/073/4/e/mojave_express_stamp_by_deathbymodding-d4sshhi.png[/img] story. Come visit. Or don't.

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Spoilers for Bioshock Infinite, people. Seriously. Scroll down at your own risk.

After killing Booker, Elizabeth heads to Equestria to secure her existence as her past catches up to her. Equestria begins to suffer temporal and spacial disruptions.
May involve Eleanor Lamb and Bioshock 1/2 universe later on. I'm bad at descriptions, just give it a chance and read a bit.
Rated Teen to play it safe. I'm still pretty new to writing, so don't expect too much of me.

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When a toy store opens in Ponyville, Pinkie Pie is one of the first inside. Upon finding nothing of interest to her, she complains to the cashier. He retrieves a small box from behind the desk, hands it to Pinkie, and ushers her out of the store.

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Artemis Fowl the Second. Middle School Student. Eccentric Billionaire Mastermind. Well, that's what he was a year ago. After the disappearance of his father when his yacht was destroyed while shipping hundreds of thousands of cans of cola to Russia, and the loss of a considerable chunk of his family fortune, he has been hunting for a way to gain his wealth back. And his search has lead him to a world of peace, harmony, and magic. And he has plans for it. With his butler, Butler, and Butler's sister Juliet, he delves into the world where his honor, family, and most importantly, fortune, can be restored.

This is a "what if" scenario if Artemis Fowl decided to seek fortune in Equestria instead of with the People. Sincere thanks to jasontaylorblogs for proofreading and providing feedback, as well as Eoin Colfer for creating this wonderful series.

I don't own MLP, or the Artemis Fowl series, though I do own a few cucumbers.

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