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Somepony who tried to get on this site before, only to be foiled by the fact I didn't have strong wifi back then... And a major shipper of Anon x pony and Spike x anypony.

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Unable to recall why she's here, Twilight is told she has experienced a 'Game Over'. Then she is asked to start over. With eagerness she accepts.

Now with the ability to see reality in a way that can make Celestia envious, Twilight finds her life has quite literally started over.

Will she change the time line? Will she prevent the worst events she has ever experienced? And will she actually bother to level up Luck?

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'They say my kind are horrible beings, monsters, predetors, and even terrorists. Well, they're the villians.' -Tristan Cooper, Evolved.

A classic set up of cursed comic con merch. A fan of the [Prototype] series ends up in the Everfree Forest with powers of unimaginable potential.

Chapters (3)
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