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Uzlesniz Savage

Formally Watt Savage, if you new me as that, its still me, just changed a bit....im a earth pony now XD, thou im still the same colt, drop by and say hi, Later yo -Uzlesniz

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It was a normal day in ponyville, starlight goes off to see his mom just like every week. But when she falls into a coma from an injury by a cabbage cart, will this be the last time he goes to his mom's library.....

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Twilight has been able to feel when her friends are going to leave equestria forever. So she helps them by giving them a great last day, but when the time comes, will she be able or ready to leave herself.

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When discord is freed and celestia is gone, its up to the elements to get her back. But no pony knows who stole her....

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