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Creating stories is the only thing I have left where I feel like I add value to the world.

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This story is a sequel to A Changeling Builds a House in the Everfree Forest

The venerable lords of cinders return once more to Ponyville to attend a 'welcome-to-Ponyville' party. Zarathon hopes to announce his vassalization of Ponyville during these favorable circumstances. Mute is there to support his fellow Lord in this quest. However, Ponyville might not be as receptive as Zarathon thought to the idea of having a pebble liege-lord, and neither Mute nor Zarathon can feel the encroaching darkness from the Everfree forest.

(The death tag was added due to the brief mention of death in the story. The sex tag was added due to the mention of lust and suitors. I think at least that is how these tags are meant to be applied due to the content of the story. There is no explicit scene of death or sex in this story.)

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This story is a sequel to A Changeling Goes to the Market

After the strange event at the market, Ponyville is on edge. Some ponies call for the capture of the strange bug-pony and others are simply too scared to go and talk to it. Twilight decides to head into the Everfree to find the bug-pony and talking pebble. She learns some strange things about them in the process.

(Featured on 2021-12-02 and marked as hot on 2021-12-03. Thank you.)
(Both this story and its prequel is on the featured feed on 2021-12-03. That is seriously high praise and I am so happy you enjoyed these two stories.)

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No one in Ponyville is certain why the strange bug-pony is at the market, nor why he is talking to the silversmith. Or well, the bug-pony isn't doing the talking. Which is the strangest part of all.

(I had no better cover art really.)

(Featured on 2021-11-27. Thank you all.)

(The story was 1st on featured and passed 150 likes on 2021-11-28.)

(The story is still in the featured feed on 2021-11-29, I am super grateful for all your support.)

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(On hiatus due to school and other projects)

Nova was his name these days. Sure it wasn't the worst name in the world but let's be honest, Locus Tempus Imperium sounds way cooler and powerful. Nova spoke of a stallion with his head in the clouds while his true name spoke of a stallion that held great power.

Of course the last part of his name had he picked along with his older brother ages ago. He didn't even remeber his actual last name his parents had given him, something that bothered him a little.

If he remebered it he would write it down on a small lizard so he would always know where it was, in the freezer. He would then take out the lizard and read what was written on it with a potato he had found in a pony's throat. Lizards could fly right? So he would just throw it like a paper airplane to his sister when she needed the information. Ahhh mordern mail systems.

The world have changed a lot since Nova and his brother played in it, perhaps so much it was no longer his home.


One special foal met a strange creature many years ago. They both felt a kindred spirit and soon came to call each other brothers. However when the two brothers lost each other the foal would be lost for a long time until he would be found by the parents of the princess's own student and from there on out his jounery would rip the tapestry of destiny apart as the events around him would change from how they were once supposed to happen.

This is the story of one stallion trying to understand the world around him while the ponies he know tries in return to understand him. This is the story of Locus and his make-shift family's adventures across Euqestria.

((Sorry for the bad cover art but It's all I have for now :twilightsheepish:))

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