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Looking for artists again · 1:02pm June 28th

Hello, there beautiful people of Fimfiction I am yet again looking for someone to make cover art for a story. The story in question has yet to be published and I am uncertain how long I will make it. While I should be focusing my time on rewriting CON I have had this idea floating around in my head and I needed to get it on paper. I will discuss what should be on the cover with the artist to not give away any spoilers before the story itself is visible. If you can recommend me some artists or

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Chapter 2 rewritten · 9:01pm Nov 5th, 2019

And my quest continues to rewrite Chronicles of Nathaniel. I would appreciate feedback on the rewritten chapters in the comments of the story :twilightsmile:


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CoN rewrites · 8:12pm Sep 7th, 2019

So I'll start on rewriting and editing CoN now. I'll try to fix grammar, add some more meat to some of the characters, and fix some general things like the timeline or filler.

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Guardians of the Eight Kingdoms · 3:07pm Aug 31st, 2019

I posted a new one-shot that takes place after CoN, give it a read if you want to.


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Accession · 10:17pm Apr 16th, 2019

I just published a new story called Accession. This is a one-shot following the events of Chronicles of Nathaniel. In this tale, we follow Tyr as he takes the crown and throne of his father. He ponders on the griffon his father once was and the griffon he later became. This one wraps up Tyr's arc in CoN and feels like a nice end to the war arc in general. I hope you will at least check it out as the amazing NSilver made the cover art for the story. Just look at this master piece!

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Cover art · 11:48am Apr 13th, 2019

I am just wondering if any of you guys know of someone that could draw some cover art? I will need some for the stories I'm writing on and for the original CoN. The cover art I would need now is a golden crown bearing a crest of two feathers crossed over a sword. The background for this image would be a light blue. If you know of anyone that is good at drawing cover art mention them down below and I will give them a look.

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I made a discord · 1:24am Mar 11th, 2019

So I decided to give CoN a discord. I will post updates on what I'm working on there and I'll get a chance to talk with all of you wonderful people :twilightsmile:

I hope to see you all in the discord to chat and just post memes. Since I have only joined discord servers before I don't really know how to moderate one. This will be a learning experience to be sure. I hope to connect with you all on there and maybe hear out your own suggestions for a story set in the CoN-verse.

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Looking over the story · 10:22pm Feb 20th, 2019

I'm finding some minor errors as I am looking through CoN for information to my character index. One is that the empress of the dark kingdom used to be Crystal Sword's mother but I later changed it to be his aunt. Another is what the hell Silver Page has been feeding on since she left the Crystal empire. I don't think I ever mentioned it. Another is about how the griffins united. Originally they went from tribes to be united under one king, King Grover of Griffonia, but I later changed it to

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I'm finished · 11:34pm Feb 17th, 2019

I finished CoN like twenty minutes ago. If you wanna see how Nathaniel's story end you just click on those chapters :D

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Happy birthday CoN! · 9:16pm Feb 12th, 2019

It has now been one year since I started writing on Chronicles of Nathaniel. I started out this journey with simply wanting to have my third idea for a story published. After the first chapter was written and the story was published I expected to go back to writing one my two other stories ('Lux: Warrior of Shadows' and 'MLP Fim: Reborn and Retold') but I decided to put them on hold.

One, because Warrior of Shadows needed heavy rewrites and the plot needed to be thought through more.

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