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Creativity is always a leap of faith. You're faced with a blank page, blank easel, or an empty stage--Julia Cameron. Now let's see some PONIES!


When Hemlock the son of Wicker and Chrysalis is caught emulating Thorax, the sworn enemy of all true changelings, his parents and caretakers decide to tell him the truth behind the changeling race, their history and their secrets. Under the teachings of Mandrake, the head of changeling intelligence, Hemlock discovers the origins of his people and why traitors like Thorax are heretics to be despised and destroyed...

But how did the changelings come to be...how did they become the way they were, and why would any changeling not embrace their nature?

There is no shame in being a true changeling, there is no shame in being a monster

...Is there?

Chapters (3)

This story is based on the leaked season finale, don't read unless you want spoilers (also fits in with my Alpha's Love story line-- so I'll put in alternate universe just to be safe)

Defeat... once more, but this time far more devastating. What is a lost campaign next to a lost kingdom? The loss of a hive, the betrayal of her subjects, it's all too much for one queen to handle. How dare the ponies who should have been crippled defeat her, how dare her traitorous offspring usurp her throne, and how dare her subjects turn on her when she needed them most. But that's fine, she knows where to find other hives, other followers, she knows where to find the one changeling alpha who can not only gain her back her throne but make every pony and traitor suffer endlessly for their actions. She knows where to find Mandrake, her friend, her lover, her partner. Together they sired the new changeling order and empire. Together they will reclaim it. And in his fortress of Citadel Tor, she will fully come to grips with what has happened and what the future will hold. Even if the future is filled with blood.

Just put this spoiler warning for the cover, and after the finale premiers I'll remove it.

Cover art comes from here.

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Scootaloo’s twelfth birthday is on the horizon, and her friends are planning to throw her the biggest birthday bash in all of Ponyville History. Meanwhile Scootaloo hasn’t been feeling well, and has been feeling like no pony truly loves her. What with less time being spent with her friends and her adopted older sister Rainbow Dash, the little filly is feeling very much alone. In a world where everyone has loved ones and commitments but you, it’s not hard too feel like you have nothing.

But when she starts to see a hooded figure plaguing her with nightmares, visions and ponies that feel so familiar, she will find that there is a lot more to her than meets the eye.

This idea and story was commissioned by and collaborated with Twilight is the Best

edited by VunderGuy (chapters 1-4)
edited by ARTL

The cover art belongs to SpyroConspirator at Deviant art.

Also, Twilight is the BEST started two petitions. One is to Ban Tipping in his home town and the other is to reboot a 2008 game called Turning Point:

Fall of Liberty which has a good concept of an AU where Nazis invade America, but unfortunately was a bad game. If your interested int either or both petitions,

PM Twilight is the Best , and he'll give you a link to the petitions to sign.

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Pinkie has been dying to set off on her own for ages now and travel beyond the party-free lifestyle of the rock farm. Equipped with nothing but a few bits and belongings and a joyous spirit she sets out for the first time into the big wide world...Only for her to run into Equestria's number one quack and mad scientist, Dr. Von Goul, whose been looking for a test subject for his latest experiment, the Fourth Pool.

The Fourth Pool is rumored to be able to give one who bathes in its waters the power of unimaginable sight and ability, that is if you don't self-combust or melt into a puddle instead.

Can Pinkie Pie handle the ancient magic of the pool? and can Dr, Von Goul handle Pinkie if she can? And how did Pinkie manage to find her way to Ponyville? Let's find out.

The cover art belongs to the talented John Joseco (johnjoseco)

Chapters (2)
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